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Gunjan Singh, Founder And CEO, Web Click India

Go through the journey of Mr. Gunjan Singh, an MBA who manages to become a CEO of Web Click India from being the founder of the same and become an inspiration to many. The only goal is to take the startups and small scale business to the new heights. Read more about his journey below.

Tuesday November 15, 2016,

4 min Read

The secret sauce of the success concerning an enterprise lies in the never giving up courage and the speeding up high morale. This is the secret attitude that beautifies the world at your conditions. And there is a saying "There is a will, there is a way" this proved quite well in the struggling journey of the founder and CEO of Web Click India. The fire of the dreams is something that leaves you with the sleepless nights till you achieve what you admire. Web Click India – A Website Designing Company In Delhi is founded by Mr. Gunjan Singh in the year 2011.

Gunjan Singh spoke about his journey to become a CEO of the company from being a founder. An MBA from Amity University started as a marketing manager in a company but his aspirations and goals are a little different. The courage to do more lead his way to own a website designing company and hire a team of professional who has the same spirit and dedication towards the dreams. They worked at first with Herambh Coolingz Pvt. Ltd. and with the matter of time, the seed starts sprouting and now the company is dealing successfully with the international clients.

The family and friends supported him a lot and encouraged him to go further for his dreams. The founder of the company started from his home, with a team of freelancers for writing and SEO. He managed the clients at his own and proved them what he promised to do. From a small project he gets another project and with the matter of time the number of new clients, increased and he converted his new clients into the regular clients with the hard work, dedication, and companionship. At present, he has numerous international and national clients working with many websites for the same clients while managing a healthy client relationship.

The journey of becoming a CEO was quite challenging but facing them with the never ending courage and withstanding them like a strong rock has a story in itself. Besides designing the website, the company also provides SEO and SMO promotions to create a responsive appearance on the search engine. The main goal for which Gunjan started is providing promotion to the small scale business and taking them to the limelight. With the vision, every businessperson is a star and needs a limelight as same as the strongest business tycoons have. It is a right of every businessperson and money cannot stop their way.

The services that Web Click India offers to its valued clients are extremely responsive and every website took to the level of the satisfaction. The easy to use interface and affordable prices is the key to reaching every small scale business, he never made such promises which are impossible to fulfill or hard to achieve. We all face difficulties but rising like the Sun in the cloudy day gives you satisfaction which is beyond everything. Happiness and efforts don't have a monetary value but they are the worthless keys that every business deserves for sure.

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