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We like things more the more we see them

Sunday June 18, 2017,

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Most of us are enough fortunate to be surrounded by things we like. There has to be something wrong with the man who lives with the bunch of books on his table which he hates. But do we surround with the things we like or do we come to like the things we are surrounded by?

Children’s have very little choices in their lives, but most of them seem to be happy enough. I certainly prefer reading a book over playing a play station. I remembered with retrospective embarrassment I had faced while spending time with my friends. I am a noob in the gaming world. But over the time of period, I managed to develop basic gaming skills. It turns out to be luck, that most of us like playing games: Being repeatedly exposed to something causes us to like it more (In my case “Books”).

Robert Zajonic a Polish-born American social psychologist demonstrated in his first experiment by asking people to read out loud a list of nonsense words such as Iktitaf, Dilikli and Civadra, which he claimed were turkish adjectives. Afterwards he asked participants which words they thought meant something good in turkish, and which meant something bad. Some of the words in the list were more frequently and the more often they appeared, the most likely the subjects were to thing that the words must mean something good.

This effect, that repetitive exposure to certain stimuli can increase our liking of that stimuli, has been found in hundreds of experiments.

Our taste for the music and artwork increases as we hear more often. Hearing an argument multiply by chances that we will accept it. Taking to someone more frequently multiple chances of liking him/her.

So, try to surround yourself with things, that will boost you up.