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Some effective essay writing tips

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Some effective essay writing tips

Friday August 25, 2017,

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You can’t get through your academic life without writing essays at every phase. But, writing an essay often seems to be a daunting task among many students. These essays could be for seeking a scholarship, for a particular subject to buy degree online or even for a project. Whatever may be the nature of an essay, numerous students take it as an overwhelming task. When talking about the essentiality of writing effective essays, there are some steps, which each student must follow to develop an effective piece of writing.


Here are some tips that can help you break the task into manageable parts and draft a winning essay:

Select a Good Topic

You would often get the opportunity to pick up a topic. This will give you the advantage to choose a subject that interests you or contains relevance to you. First, make sure to find the purpose, is your essay to persuade or inform the readers.

Once you analyze the purpose, initiate your research on topics. It’s ideal to jot down subjects that appeal to you while you think about your life.

Finally, assess your options. Choose a topic which you have already studied, if the prime purpose of your essay is to educate people or choose a subject that you are passionate about if your goal is to persuade your readers.

Create an Outline of Ideas

It’s ideal to organize your thought well if you are planning to write a successful essay. For this, you could create a diagram, while writing the main ideas around the topic. This will help you get the key points on which you can revolve your essay around. But make sure to eliminate any irrelevant points that can decrease the overall quality of the content.

Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement acts as a main source to tell the reader the key purpose of your essay. To create one, go through the ideas you have sorted on the diagram. Your thesis must consist of the two points, the topic and the point of the essay. For example, if you are writing on the impact of technology on education, an appropriate thesis statement could be “Technology has brought some useful impacts on our education system, through excellent software, apps, and various online tools”

Write the Introduction

Your introduction must have the right content to grab the reader’s attention. Start with an attractive line, a dialogue or a quote. In whatever way you begin your essay, make sure that it interconnects with the thesis, which you will require to use as the last sentence of your introduction.

Craft the Main Body

Each paragraph of the body must have the main idea on which the whole paragraph should be focused around. The main idea must have supporting ideas in sentence format. Don’t forget to include detailed examples to strengthen the argument you provide.

Write the Conclusion

Conclude your essay with some strong sentences. Make sure to sum-up the overall idea while providing a final perspective on your essay.

Some final words

Don’t forget to give a review to your essay when you have completed writing it. Pay attention to all the small details and eliminate any format or grammatical errors.

Congratulations! You have just learned to write a great essay.