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SEO Checklist for Beginners in 2018

SEO Checklist for Beginners in 2018

Friday November 03, 2017,

5 min Read


Are you new to the concept of on-page SEO? If poking into the world of SEO is not helping you out then it’s time to refer some guide for your help. Figuring out the tits and tats of SEO isn’t that difficult as it seems. Some updated information about the tips and techniques for handling SEO will make your job easier.

If you are a beginner and looking for the updated checklist then you have reached the right destination. Read on to know how to get started with SEO:

1. Get registered with Search Engine Console

Haven’t you registered your site for this Google’s free service yet? Do the needful now. Investing a few minutes in the registration process will give you an idea of Google’s working and you’ll know how the search engine sees your website. Remember, that even a small estimated figure can be of great help to you.

2. Make Sitemap Generator work in your site’s favor

Highly popular and reputed SEO Company in torrents knows the worth of Sitemap submission. You must know the fact that submitting your site to over 100 directories will make it popular. This off-page SEO trick is especially good for the sites that lack structure. Sitemap submission will enable the search engines to find all the pages of your website. The submission can be done through Google’s Search Console.

3. Conduct Website Audit

Technical SEO audit popularly known as website audits will help you in finding the big issues hanging up to your site. The major issues that an audit uncovers include missing titles, pages blocked from search engines, missing descriptions, ugly URLs, low content pages, broken links, poor onsite linking structure and bad backlinks and others.

4. Target Audience Research and SEO Research

It’s important to define your target audience before building an SEO campaign. Extensive SEO research will give you answers to a few important questions. Amazingly, often the answers aren’t that you can possibly think of. The research checklist includes analytics, audience, social, keywords, and competitors. The demographics are all about knowing the behavior, preferences, and needs of the target audience. A reputed SEO Company can help you better with the research.

5. Design your SEO campaign

The next step that comes after the research is designing SEO campaign for your site. But know that merely conducting an SEO campaign will bring no results. You need to consider analytics research program in order to check the performance of your campaign. Note the data coming in through Key Performance Indicators. They are the key indicators of a campaign’s success. Moreover, they help individuals in figuring out the main sales funnels of the site.

6. Build your campaign on effective keywords

SEO Company in torrents does not carry its campaign without keyword research. Stay away from the naysayers who advise that researching for effective keywords is a waste of time. No matter what, never underestimate the power of a Keyword. They serve an important purpose in SEO and affect the ranking of the sites. Know how keywords/Keyword phrases work in a Social media marketing campaign.

7. Find out your online competitors

Competitive Research is crucial to know your real competition. If you are a newbie to the industry then you must know that to understand your website you need to have information about two or more companies you feel can become your online competition in near future. Don’t go about with guess works. Collect the date with proper research and competitive intelligence.

8. Figure out where to find your competitors and target audience

Invest some time in knowing where you can find your competitors and target audience. Note that the top results displayed by the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) might not be your business competitors in real terms. The one that you find a competitor can turn out to be an influencer. And a brand advocate might not necessarily be a target audience. Aim at carrying real conversations with a huge number of potential customers. Taking help of an SEO Company in this matter can also prove out to be advantageous.

9. Ensure security with directory registrations

Find relevant directories for registering your site. Try searching industry wise in order to get the best results. Be sure to find all the necessary details and keep records of all the directories where you add your site. The usernames, passwords, and e-mail address that you use for directory registrations. It’s advisable not to use one password for different logins. Maintain your site’s security in the best manner possible.

10. Use backlinks to your advantage

Look out for the websites that might want to submit a link to your site. Backlinks are important to increase the popularity of your online business. But beware of the spammy sites and bad anchor text. Know that a single link from an authoritative site will give you better results than 1000 links from the unauthoritative site. Also, consider placing links to a good site to your web page. Consider consultation with an SEO Company for the same. Know that the Search engines give preference to the local links addressing locally targeted websites.

11. Utilize social media sites to build online reputation

Active engagement on social media platforms is sure to take your online business to great heights. Be sure to contribute appropriate and quality content only to legitimate and reputed platforms. For a standard user, it’s pretty hard to fix a ruined reputation on the social sites. So beware! You may also consider the professional networks like LinkedIn for building the online reputation of your business. You may also consider hiring an SEO Company in torrents for professional working.


Try to get some links that your competitor sites have already gotten. This will give you a fair idea of what kind of links will etch your profits. Use multiple sources to acquire good links. Handling SEO isn’t really hard but ain’t that easy either. This can be as easy as a form submitting or as daunting as finding link addition policies of the webmasters.

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