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Boost Google Adsense revenue by increasing ads CTR

Thursday December 07, 2017,

4 min Read

CTR or Click through rate is a term in Google AdSense that describes the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times the page that the ad falls in multiples 100%.

the number of pages is not affected by the number of ads placed on the page, if in one page we install 3 units of adsense ads, then the page runs 1 times, then the number of impressions does not then be 3 but still the number of impressions is 1 time.

Our job as a publisher is to earn a better income from google Adsense to increase the value of CTR, here are some tips to increase the value of Google Adsense CTR :

Adsense Ads Layout

The best position for Adsense is to place Adsense ads at strategic points within the pages of your blog or site.

the strategic point is an area within the blog page that allows you get a lot of attention of visitors, by putting AdSense ads on the location is allegedly a great opportunity to get more clicks of visitors.

What's the best placement AdSense ads?

Above Articles after the title, this can be the starting point of visitors when reading the contents of post articles and can be a strategic location for google AdSense.

Above title ad

on the sidebar, sidebar is usually where to install blog widgets like popular post, category, newlatter.

this can be used as a second alternative by visitors to see articles that are considered interesting by them, and sidebar location can be a strategic location to place adsense ads.

Under After posting, this location is also great for putting adsense ads, visitors will generally read the article to the limit of the article, we should use to put adsense ads, at the end of the end of the article, so that ads will have a better chance clicked.

Ad Color

Using the right colors will help make your AdSense ad units more visible to visitors to your site.

Color also plays an important role in whether to make visitors click, or stay away from advertising.

Ad style

Choose a color that matches the color theme of the website but made a little striking for adsense ads more visible and can get special attention from visitors.

Ad Size Formats

Use the right ad format, one ad with another has different sizes depending on the advertiser when they register, usually between ads with one ad and another will have different click value (CPC).

AdSense layout AdSense ads

As a publisher we should be able to choose ads that are widely held by advertisers or publisher.

When the form of advertising a lot of competition, the CPC value for these ads will increase and in general that will be displayed on many relevant pages are ads that have high CPC value .

Use AdSense search

Most websites on the web today are using the Content Management System (CMS) concept, including blogs or wordpress, and one thing in common is that they provide search functionality for site content.

Replace with AdSense for search, thus through the facility we can increase the value of CTR to be better, even I see some famous sites from abroad use the facilities of search adsense.

Select Image and text ads

Ad type as a publisher we are given the freedom to make choices about the ad units we post, we can choose images, text or combine both images and text, so the ads will alternately displaying display ads and iklant text only.

To get a better CTR value should be when we decide to choose an ad format, choose an ad format with images and text so that the ads are more varied and can increase clicks from visitors.

What is the ideal number of ad units on a page?

Adsense gives the limit of advertising for a single page is up to 8 ad units, we must be selective in decided to advertise with a certain amount.

Putting an ad with the maximum amount can get a lot of clicks from visitors, but it could be the ad can interfere with the convenience of visitors.

And it should be noted that the more ad values for each ad click will be reduced, so choose the right amount for the ads we put on the page.

When visitors are looking for something forced visitors should take advantage of the search box already installed Adsense, thus the shadow gets clicks for the better.

You can find the right solution for AdSense ads that we install, the most important is how we seek so that we can get a lot of money from Google AdSense, certainly not in a way that is not allowed.