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Now a startup to report your cheating partner, take a look before cheating your loved one again

Cheaters Database is a project to help people report and search for cheating records of their partners.

Monday August 29, 2016,

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You may be in a relationship for years or even married for an eternity but that that does not mean you can trust your partner entirely. In this era of online e-dating and whatsapp, it has become easier than ever to get involved in all kinds of devious relationship even for a short term. With millions of startups offering you to date online for free or even for a fee, its for a first time that any startup has taken initiative to curb un-faithfull relationships.

Cheaters Database is an online spot that helps people to report their cheating partners for any kind of relationship, either be it a long-term to short-term relationship or even a marriage. It also enables people to search for their current partners and find out if they have any cheating background in the past so they can take a step before its too late. Cheaters Database uses algorithm that keeps track of individual's "cheating degree" of all the users reported, in this way it enables people to look-up exactly how many times an individual has cheated in the past. Below is a short excerpt from the statement given by the maker of this startup

Cheaters Database is a people powered system where users can report their cheating partners in a right way. The system then generates a cheater's profile that is based on the details submitted at the time of reporting the cheater. The main play of algorithm comes into light when the system detects that a same cheater is reported by a different individual and in that case, the algorithm increases the cheating degree of the already reported cheater so that people can be more aware of the cheater's future moves. The system also provides an interface for searching the database of cheaters just in case a user wants to do a background check on his/her current relationship or marriage partner.                              - Neeraj (Developer, Cheaters Database)

Well, it becomes very clear from the above statement that this startup is pretty serious in tracking cheaters either be a cheating boyfriend, girlfriend or even cheating husband and wife. You too can visit Cheaters Database, and check for your current partner in the database, or even report one if you find suitable.