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Automotive digital marketing trends to watch in 2018

Digital marketing allows automotive brands to promote their products with help of brand awareness campaigns to create interaction within the target audience.

Automotive digital marketing trends to watch in 2018

Tuesday July 10, 2018,

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Digital marketing is the new way to sell – with increasing levels of technology and reach across the globe; digital marketing has proven to be an effective medium of advertising. A clear indication of this trend is the soaring advertisement cost in traditional means of advertisement – newspapers and televisions.

Digital marketing companies in Mumbai are booming and have clients ranging from food to auto-dealers.

Yes, you heard it right, even the big brands selling automobiles have realized the need to invest in digital marketing and are always looking to hire the best digital marketing company in Mumbai.

Traditional vs digital marketing in the automotive industry.

A research done by DealerSocket reveals interesting facts about digital marketing for the automotive industry. One of the most significant facts is that the return on investment in traditional media like radio spots, t.v. ads, billboards and tent sales are less than that of digital media. It states that the traditional media brings in an average profit of $1,702 per vehicle, whereas digital marketing gets $2,514 per sale.

Digital marketing is also beneficial as it helps automotive brands to target a very specific audience. The digital marketing campaign for a company like Maruti would be targeting a completely different set of audience as compared to a company like Audi. Digital Mediums are well optimised to show Ads to that very specific audience that the company wants.


Digital Channels for Auto dealers 

Auto dealers have been able to connect with their customers directly through digital marketing. Auto Companies have websites where users go to and find every information they need for any automobile. This not only eases the process but also reduces the burden of the company to handle so many clients.

Auto dealers never shy away from promoting their product on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by running creative campaigns. Many campaigns involve public participation and others aim to create awareness about the new automobiles which keeps the brand trending.

YouTube has been an effective and powerful way for auto-brands to advertise. One of the best examples is that of Tesla. The YouTube channel of Tesla has over 450k subscribers and over 160 videos; these videos directly promote the new features that the cars have to offer and also keep the audience base connected to Tesla through a visual medium.

Why choose digital marketing?

Look at how well Tesla has used YouTube to create buzz and interaction with their audience. A medium like YouTube allows you to upload your videos for free and the return on investment is huge as well. Videos of Tesla have millions of views on some of their videos and their only investment is that which occurs in the shooting of the video.

Facebook and Instagram allow brands to directly advertise and promote their posts. Good brand presence on these platforms is a matter of pride for brands and not only for targeting customers.

Automotive brands hire the biggest competitors in the market to manage their digital marketing even if the brand is not so active on social media. As they know that digital marketing is the future, and the online presence of a brand makes its reputation in today’s world. Like one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in India – Maxus was hired by Tata Motors for promotions even though Tata Motors is not very active on all forms social media.

The future of advertising in an automotive industry is clear. Digital marketing will play a big role in that. With developing technologies of VR and AR, there is a high probability that these will be integrated to improve digital marketing campaigns, and this should come as no surprise!