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India is not only a cultural tourism choice, it is a medical too

India has always been at the forefront of cultural and spiritual tourism. However, as decades have passed by and this once golden sparrow has continued to evolve in terms of medical technology. This technological renaissance has led this nation to be looked as a new spot for medical tourism. 

India is not only a cultural tourism choice, it is a medical too

Tuesday June 19, 2018,

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When it comes to tourism is India, there was a time when people considered it to be primarily a cultural, spiritual, and political paradise. However, with recent technological developments and the nation’s proclivity towards the medical sector, India has also become a prime choice for the purpose of medical tourism as well.


This entire rapid growth of medical tourism in India is also aided by the fact that booking appointments online has significantly reduced the distance between a patient and the treatment. But is the online factor is the reason enough? How come with one of the best medical equipments in the west, it is India that is considered by many a way to salvage life itself from the grips of disease? The reasons are many. However, in this blog, we are going to condense it in a succinct yet understandable format that will clear any doubts you might have about the medical prowess of the nation that was once hailed as a golden sparrow of the world.

1. The specialities: India has been on the forefront of the speciality treatment since the dawn of the last decade. Some of the speciality that the medical phase of the country provides are the following;:

a. Rheumatology: Rheumatic diseases are pretty difficult to deal with and unfortunately have                    become continuously common across the globe. However, India offers one of the most robust              rheumatology experts across the globe.

b. Dentistry: With more and more advanced equipment flowing in daily, the dentistry in the                        nation is also on the rise.

c. Haematology: With the best haematologists ever present in the nation, global patients are                    driving towards India in droves.

d. Nutrition: India might not be the healthiest country in the globe, but has got the largest                         catalogue of nutrition experts on the planet.

2. The treatments: Whether the disease is as simple as lice, German measles, pneumonia, or as exotic as AIDS, Chikungunya, meningitis and others, the nation has apt medical treatment facilities to either cull the disease complete or manage it in a healthy fashion. This attitude has attracted a lot of non-residents to be attracted to the prospect of getting the treatment from the country.

3. Highly advanced medical facilities: With the increase of medical intellect and technological development of the nation, the medical industry has thrived enough to make sure that the medical equipments are not only feasible, but they are also affordable to the individuals of all walks of life. This affordability combined the health expertise of the doctors of the nation has made it really easy to get access to exotic facilities such as LASIK, cosmetic surgery, gallstone removal, radiotherapy, Bone marrow transplant, Kidney Biopsy, Keratoplasty, Lobectomy and many others.

4. Ease of access: With the integration of the online factor to book appointments, it has become significantly easy for the masses of the world to get the best medical expertise regardless of the place and time. With the online elements and several services such as Online Doctor Finder, patients are now able to access the best doctors and the best treatment from the comfort of their surroundings. This facility allows the individuals to

 1. Book and appointment

2. Ask relevant questions

3. Get an opinion

4. Find the best hospitals

5. And much more.

These are just some of the factors that have led to the growth of India’s reputation in the field of medical tourism. Well, the information provided here is not merely enough, there are a lot more reasons to go by and these reasons have been continuously pushing the country on the forefront of Medical Tourism.