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Shop On Wheels

This start up is about bringing the clothes from there respective outlet to the customer house , its like live shopping at home .

Friday January 27, 2017,

2 min Read

App where all the textile outlets from the local shops to branded outlet should be registered in the app (eg - all restaurants registered in zomato app). customer should be given option of choosing their desired outlet , for the branded shops , there should be a link which redirects to there respective website so customer has wide range of selection and for the local shops(with no website) there should be proper details given about he clothing type(party wear, causal wear), size and other details with picture of all clothes available in there store under respective categories. the clothing should be bought to the customer house and the customer should try the outfit , if satisfied they can purchase or return the product , its like shopping at home but at your comfort , time etc. 

The main advantage of this start up 

1. You can avoid traffic

2. people can shop at peace as there is no time constrain

Th main difference from online shopping is you can wear the cloth, feel the fabrics the catch is all these can be done at home.

special feature of the app should be all the people registered to the app should be able to communicate with each other , its like a group of girls going shopping to a mall and discussing and buying the desired cloth they want and also helping their friends to buy .