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Many upcoming bloggers want to earn from their blogging venture, but are afraid to invest at the initial stage, with this blog, explore the ways, how you can kick-start your blogging venture with ZERO cost involvement to incur the further revenue....excited to know? Read ahead....


Monday June 12, 2017,

7 min Read

Blogging Can Open A Myriad of Opportunities

Blogging Can Open A Myriad of Opportunities

Victory introduces you to the world, but defeat introduces the world to you…the words extremely sounds justifying to the need of today’s business, where competition sparks the volume of volcano in every passing single minute. Needless to say, the number of new business opportunities striking up every other day, is somehow eradicating the need of working 9-5 hour shift daily. The entrepreneurs are one of the most sparkling genres, which are attracting a large number of young minds to come and invest their passion imbibed beautifully with the technology to mark an elevator story for their records.

When it comes to being a boss of your own, I find the Blogging job most interesting and fitting the requirement of today’s scenario, where every new development made in any field is marked and secured with the exclusive words spread in the blog form. I know being a blogger is not everybody’s cup of tea unless you have that tingling spark within you to fit the bill, since this bill can help you to pay your bills every month, and you can be a popularized blogger in no time. But once you have analyzed that you have that spark in you, now the question comes what next? I agree everybody wants to earn well, but investing something at the very first initial phase is not the idea welcomed by most out there, and it did not sound appealing to me as well, but as they say, no pain no gain, I tried to work out on certain aspects which could help me to gain better user attention but at no cost involved.

My idea indeed was not accepted by many in my company even, and they thought me to be foolish, ironically the constant rejection from my peers, led me to build a mountain of confidence around me, which could not be broken easily and finally the idea of starting and earning from a blog took birth. On the bright sunny and hopeful day of 30th June 2016, I logged in to and my concept was born, let me take you to journey of how to be a Blogger at free of cost to earn money.

First Step

Your Very First Step

Your Very First Step

The very first step for me was not to indulge into, but beforehand I invested my many nights after work, in searching the suitable name, genre and our competitors for my blog, and I finally chose techugoblog for my blog page and hit the bullet. For me, this was not much a pretty big deal since I knew my blog should revolve around the mobile app development technology and suggesting the company name within the blog, worked as icing on the cake for the marketing perspective.

On the contrary, if you want to choose a name for your genre, then :

Research your competitors

Explore your target audience

Visualize your blog’s topics and the tone you would use within

Once you follow these steps, the last and the most significant aspect you need to follow is:

Write down all the relevant words, describing your blog idea, for example, if your blog speaks the fashion essence, then you can write the words like prêt, couture, fashionable etc…and all the relevant words, which jot down in your brain after thinking about fashion. After writing down these words, simply pick the most relevant to you and try to get it fused with the other points mentioned above. I know it’s not easy to name your blog and a hard nut to crack, so invest considerable time here, since your blog name speaks the true essence of your blog and the motive behind it.

Second Step


 Go to

 Hit on ‘Start With A Blog’

 Choose the theme/ layout- don’t be in a rush and pick something which speaks the mind of your blog, I made a mistake here and ended up changing it thrice to get the one last piece, which everyone approved of.

 Write the name, which you have picked

 Click on , it will give you the ample of options to choose from, select the site address ( there are options available for you there, in the FREE category) if you want you can upgrade to, but I won’t emphasis on it since the essence of my blog would be lost 

 Start with FREE – some of you might think that I am insane giving wrong advice, but trust me my option is highly supported by my SEO manager as well, so just go ahead and click the FREE button.

 Create Account and pick a Username and continue ( do not opt for fake account, since for the longer run it will not be proven fruitful).

 You will be directed to your blog website page, click on admin panel ( sample I have created for you)

Third Step


 In settings, click on General and set the: site title, tagline, time zone, date format, site icon, time format and languages…save the settings.

 Click on writing , reading, discussion, media, tab etc…here you can edit the preferences as per your preferences (but whatever you chose, remember it should reach to wider audience)….save it.

Now your blog page is ready at NO COST at all. The next thing which requires the investment is of your thoughts only, which you will invest further to write impressive and good content for your readers, depending on their required taste and your expertise, combine both of these factors and offer a blog, which your reader can relish further…

Once you have set down the blog page, there are few crucial tips to vouch for 24/7, take a look:

 Blogs should be interesting, crisp, easy to understand and offering a solution

 An ideal blog consists of 700 words limit minimum to 1500 -1600 maximum

 Blog posting must be done according the time zone difference, ideal is after 4pm and 8pm to cover the maximum attention of your users

 Blog frequency should not be dropped and must be posted daily

 DO NOT expect your blog to get instant hit, the success easily translates in 2-3 months, even for the paid versions.

 You need to be fast to reply to your user's comments on every portal; it will create a loyal customer base.

 Pay heed to your user's feedback, if anything does not suit their taste buds, change it.

 Create online forums and discussions for your user base.

 Get in touch with the different blogger’s group on different social media channels to create hype for your blog.

 Keep yourself abreast with any update/technology originating in your blog genre

 Blog title and the banner should be impressive enough to force the readers to read it further

 Tags and the categories you involve in the blog, help you further to gain attention

After posting your blog, let the social media shout your blog further through the different channels available, like:

and many more…

The most important facts swallow while sleeping even , are that create READERS for your blog, in the first 2-3 months your focus should not dilute to any other aspect, but only to create a user base for your blog and get it known by the world, through every possible FREE medium.

If you are in doubt that this strategy does not work, then check out my blog….…..and you will be surprised to know the revenue it has helped my app development company to achieve in one year time…

There is nothing that with this piece am advocating against the investment in the blogging venture, but not everybody is blessed to have the enough resources around to invest initially in the blog, but have the talent, with this strategy I hope many bloggers, who have the talent, but not the enough funding, can start their blogging venture and later can pick the paid versions to explore and expand their blog vision.

So for now go FREE and let your writing instincts guide you to rock the world…

Keep watching this space for more upcoming topics to earn money from your blogging venture.