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3 unexpected ways healthcare is becoming more environmentally conscious

3 unexpected ways healthcare is becoming more environmentally conscious

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

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Waste disposal, chemical use and excessive toxic materials coming from the healthcare centers are turning to be key contributors to environmental pollution. Recent statistics from Environmental protection authority, show that hospitals dispose of up to 7,000 tons  of waste every day.

But have you ever thought of tricks to apply in the health care sector to make their operations more environmentally friendly? The only sure way to effect this is by going green. Those with an online MHA  may have particular interested in the future of the environment and healthcare. In the piece below, we edify you on some of the strategies the health care sector is applying and are helping a lot in environmental conservation.

Proper Use Of Water

Water is life, and only its appropriate use can ensure environmental protection. Let’s take an example of a Seattle based healthcare center, Virginia Mason Hospital that manages to save over 6 million gallons  of water on a daily base. A lot of investment was generated towards the replacement of their linear accelerator used for radiation therapy with more advanced models, they purchased highly efficient dishwashers, and fitted the toilets, faucets, and showers with water saving models. This move has ever since helped the hospital not only to save on finances but also conserve the environment.

Saving Energy

To many, consuming lesser energy and reducing carbon output in hospitals, may seem difficult but it is not impossible. It takes you a lot of research and investment, but the output is always rewarding. If we take for instance a case of Greenwich Hospital, the management decided to upgrade their light bulbs, reprogrammed their heating system, and changed their air handling plant. Many healthcare facilities are looking at advanced lighting  and ways to improve their energy consumption. The move has since helped them to save the overall consumption of power by 35% and conserve over 1.7 million kWh  that translate to saving a significant amount of money every year. The investment seemed to be so extravagant, but within six months all their money was back.

Change The Waste Disposal Techniques

Going by the overload of waste that hospitals produce daily, getting the best disposal method that conserves the environment may seem challenging. For instance, some medical waste requires disinfection before being taken to landfills but the methods to apply like incineration, consume a lot of energy and at the same time release harmful environmental substances. But most of the healthcare centers have now shifted to other techniques like chemical treatment, autoclaving or microwaving that are termed to be more eco-friendly.

It is a responsibility of every individual no matter your area of specialty to ensure environmental conservation. In the healthcare sector, the above techniques are applicable and are proven to be eco-friendly. Some more crucial information for the healthcare sector can also be found in the online masters website and can be of importance to people with interest in the health sector.


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