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A Musical Journey .... The beginning

A Housewife full of talent starts her own Music School

A Musical Journey .... The beginning

Friday November 18, 2016,

3 min Read


Life is not a bed of Roses. Nor it can be spoon fed. Mukta, born in Jammu, had an inclination towards music since her childhood. Trained by Prof. B.S.Bali, her father and disciple of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Ji, she has got her values of Kirana Gharana embarked from the childhood. A music teacher by profession, she continued her normal life as a housewife. The life was just from home to school and school to home for her. At home, she was mostly busy with her two sons.


Beginning of a Musical Journey

The Belief

She believes that a talent needs to be imbibed in the children at an early age and it stays with them for life. “They have to be introduced to a performing art in their early childhood”. She also believes that there is no age barrier for learning. “Hobbies keep a person alive and ticking. They help keep away stress from the lives and we know that how stressful the life can become, especially in the metros. One has to take out time from the busy schedules and the best way to spend time with oneself is to indulge in a hobby. And what can be better than picking up a performing art.” This belief added with unconditional love towards children, made her to come up with the idea of a “Music Academy”.

Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Sangeet Academy

Formed by Ms. Mukta Monish Mehta along with her father and Panditji’s disciple Prof. B.S.Bali and guidance and direction from Mr. Jayant Joshi and Mr. Srinivas Joshi, is an attempt to take his legacy forward.

The Academy is formed to inculcate the cultural values in not just today’s children, but adults too. It aims to inculcate the values of “Kirana Gharana” Pt. Bhimsen Joshi’s style of teaching in the children of today. With the vast knowledge and experience in the GURUs, and with the sharp and experimental attitude of today’s generation, this combination can do wonders in the field of Music. It is said that “knowledge grows by sharing”, and the GURUs in the academy are selflessly committed to impart the training amongst the Shishyas.

Love for Music

Music and Art is all about dedication, zeal, commitment, devotion and inculcating these habits are necessary to become a true disciple of any art form. “Performing Art” becomes an integral part of the personality development. It helps in Channelizing energy in a Positive manner and thus provides a positive mental attitude. It creates a stress free, fun filled and productive environment. This results in a higher productivity in any other work also that we do. This helps in Maintaining our Physical, Mental and Emotional Health.

Art is a long term asset and we should allow ourselves and our children to blossom in the field of performing arts.

Mukta Monish Mehta is of the view that learning and specializing in any form of “ART” (Quality learning) soothes not only the ailing mind but also rejuvenates the stressed mind to take up challenges with new vigour and strength in one’s life. There is no dearth of talent in India but one needs to give them the right learning and direction.