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6 Bright Ideas to Help you Become a Successful Solopreneur in India

To motivate people to get out of their confined walls and rule the world, in their own way. To surround people with positive vibes and giving them the right amount of boost they need.

6 Bright Ideas to Help you Become a Successful Solopreneur in India

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

5 min Read

 Are you still leading that boring, monotonous life? You are going to the office every single day, reaching at nine working hard your entire day coming back at 6.

 Are you bored with your life, thinking about reaching new heights?

 Then it’s the time to trust your guts and to run your own show.

Ever dream about how it feels like to be your own boss when some other person takes the credit for your hard work. Well, well it’s time for you to live that thought in real life.

 Solopreneur, a word as fancy as it may sound, is going to be your new identity. Your work, everything you build up with your own hard work or rather by your smart work. You no longer have to be in the background, time for you to reveal that cover.

 Be like a Swiss knife, one of a kind.  Honestly, it's not that easy, but as the saying goes “where there is a will, there is a way” and the very first step is to

Start right away

Don’t wait for the right opportunity to kick in; it’s either now or never. If you have to be your own boss, then you must start either with the idea or the process or the execution. Take responsibility, take a step forward. If you keep on waiting for the right time, you will never be able to accomplish your dreams. Time and tide wait for none so why we have to wait for the time? Focus on creating your empire which will define your time in the world.

Face your fears

It’s not an easy step, but it’s not impossible either. Don’t fall back to the grind thinking that you’ll fail. No, you have to start all over again even after you fail. Channelize your inner fear into positivity and start pushing yourself in situations where you would never imagine yourself in. Start exploring your own freedom, where you can be the master of your own world.

Dream big, believe big

What if Ritesh, the founder of OYO rooms has given his SATs and went abroad just like any normal student to pursue his higher education and not his ambition. Such amazing and so travel-friendly app would not have been discovered. Just like him if you don’t dream big, you won’t be able to turn those dreams to reality. The most successful way to succeed in life is to work like you are already there. Think about how successful people manage their business and then act like one. If you start believing in yourself, no power can take that belief from you.

Be responsive

No matter what your work is, what your aim is, you are the owner of your thoughts, your beliefs, and your dreams. You know how to shape your future, it is in your hands. Look out for opportunities, as they won’t come crawling to you. You have to be responsive to everything that comes your way as it gives an impression that you are more competitive. So what’s the harm in that, your main competition is you, yourself. Being responsive to your inner guts will only lead you closer to your dreams.

Make contacts

Doesn’t matter whether you are a freelancer or a startup or you own an OPC, you are the owner of your business which you need to expand in this competitive world. And for that, you need to get out and meet new people, make new contacts at every occasion possible. These contacts will help you a long way. Soloprenurship is the idea of starting your business on your own but that does not restrict you from expanding your business. You can have as many people you want, to work for you. You can even ask for favors from other people if you have contacts so don’t just restrict your work to yourself.  

Be patient

It goes without saying that ‘Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.’ You have to be in touch with your true self all the time. It’s good to listen to others but do not get distracted by them. You don’t have to be no.1 all the time; it’s okay to fail sometimes because that will teach you patience and will only help you to work harder towards your dreams and goals. Everything will fall in place; you just need to be patient.

There would be nothing wrong in failing if you tried. You learn as you grow and what is the point of that victory that didn't see any hard work. There's no right time for you or anyone all you need to do is to trust your guts and believe in yourself to make the change you've always imagined. Do not fear the world, as the saying goes the amount of success you enjoy, the no. of haters keep on increasing. Thus, this article leaves you with no other option but surrounds you with positive and optimistic vibes.