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6 Tips To Choose The Best Calibration Service Providers in India

6 Tips To Choose The Best Calibration Service Providers in India

Monday September 24, 2018,

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We are surrounded by numerous gadgets, machines, manufactured products and so on. Each one of them is designed to perform specific tasks ranging from the simple ones to the most complicated. The precision of a measurement is extremely vital to an instrument whether it is being used in aerospace or defense or life sciences or any other. With the growth of end user industries, manufacturers need the expert help of labs offering calibration services in India who can analyse the equipments in detail and certify them. But how can one be sure of the credibility of the labs themselves? To help you select the best labs in India, we have shared some practical tips here.

calibration services in delhi
calibration services in delhi

1.Check their accreditation

When you approach a testing lab for calibration services, the first thing to evaluate is their accreditation. The best labs will always obtain certification from ISO, NABL and the Government of India. These accreditations themselves are a mark of quality and standard for calibration labs.


2. Carry out your own research

The importance of calibration services for maintaining equipments and standards compliance cannot be overemphasized. Thus is it utmost important to choose the best best calibration services in India. But when it comes to choosing the best service provider, one cannot solely rely word of mouth or the internet, doing your own research is incredibly important. Don’t just believe what you see on a website, get out from comfort zone and pay a visit to your potential supplier’s laboratory. Calibration buyers should believe only what they see with their own eyes and not what they read or have heard about the service provider.

3. Go for customized services as per your requirements

To ensure the best outcomes for all industrial, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other applications, the equipments must be well calibrated which includes measuring multiple points along the scale. For example, when calibrating a thermometer, measuring only one or two points won’t do any good to the calibration buyer. Rather multiple points need to be measured along the scale. Besides performing calibration as per the required standards, good laboratories will also work hand in hand with the customer to help them determine if additional points are needed for their particular application. This way the calibration buyers can reach the expected results.

4. Choose accuracy over speed

When looking for calibration laboratory services, do not judge the service providers by faster turn around and delivery. Accuracy and quality measures are much more important than the speed and should be the calibration buyer’s first consideration. Meeting all business requirements in an apt manner along with a high-level measurement requires a lot of time and the same should be allowed to the laboratory or agency if they ask for it. Some equipments like dimensional test equipment needs time to stabilize at the right temperature and it might be several hours. Also, keep in mind that on-site calibration often comes with flexibility to the clients but they might require more time than off-site calibration since most companies do not have environmental control as a permanent facility. Your focus should always be on commitment to excellence and accurate results.

5. Advanced facilities

Are you looking for calibration services in Delhi? The proof of the pudding is in analysing how well equipped a lab is. Conducting calibration testing requires advanced testing equipments, software and state of the art infrastructure. With more and more technological advancements happening every now and then, a lab has to keep its equipments and technology up to date. Insist on working with labs that understand the latest trends and are updated with the most advanced gadgets and devices.

6.Experienced employees

An agency offering calibration services in India is as good as its employees. Before you trust a lab with testing tasks related to your industry or products, ask a few questions about the skills of the people who will be handling the actual work. There is no replacement for trained employees with up to date knowledge of the testing techniques. Because it is the question of your brand’s reputation, always get associated with an experienced lab.

Choosing the best calibration services in Delhi can provide you the ultimate convenience in equipment testing and you can concentrate on your many other responsibilities. Some of the labs also provide Instrument pickup and delivery facility if located in the same city. The best calibration service providers constantly update and expand their calibration capabilities in order to meet the business requirements. A thorough research about your calibration laboratory can be crucial to your success and satisfaction.

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