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Changing Name in India – Is It That Simple

Do you want to add an extra letter in your name? Or want to remove a letter as per the guidance of your astrologer?

Changing Name in India – Is It That Simple

Friday March 31, 2017,

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Do you want to add an extra letter in your name? Or want to remove a letter as per the guidance of your astrologer? Has your numerologist suggested you a new name altogether for a better fortune and prosperity? Are you seriously considering taking on a new identity, by changing your maiden name by adding your husband’s surname? Well! If you are able to relate with the above questions and have ever thought of rechristening self then this article is a must read for you. It will help increase your awareness of the legal formalities that you must full-fill before changing your name.

Changing name is permissible in almost every nation. However, the laws and procedure for such a move vary as per the rules of different countries. Talking about India, changing name is allowed in India, but the seeker of such a request has to follow a detailed procedure for the same.

Hindustan Times Name Change Classified Ads Booking Online

Hindustan Times Name Change Classified Ads Booking Online


To change your name you need to follow the simple but a bit lengthy process. Take a look:

1) SUBMIT THE AFFIDAVIT: It is the first and foremost step that every name candidate has to follow. You need to visit the local notary of your area and raise your request for name change. The notary will ask you to produce an affidavit on the stamp paper of required value (that the notary will suggest). You will be required to fill in the essential details viz.:

• Current or original name

• New name

• Current address

• Reason for name change. For example: Marriage, Numerological purpose, Astrological purpose

Further, you need two witnesses who will sign the affidavit who should be gazetted officer.

NOTE: Kindly note that the signature should accompany the stamp of the officials who will sign as the witnesses.

2) A NEWSPAPER CLIPPING: It is one of the most important steps in the process of name change. One needs to publish a notice in the newspaper; a regional or a national daily to announce the same. For example if you want a PAN India reach of your post then you can opt for name change classified ads in Hindustan Times that has a nationwide readership. Ideally, you should choose a national daily published in English language and a vernacular that is published in a local language of your area. Also, in case you choose Hindustan Times as the English news broadsheet, then your name change ads in Hindustan Times will have the following information:

• Previous name

• New name

• Date of birth

• Current Address, etc.

3) GAZETTE NOTIFICATION: This is the last step of the name change process. You need to visit the government press of your state to publish a gazette notification. You will be required to fill a form and pay the amount for the fees. Consequently, your name change request will be published in the gazette notification and the copies of the same will be posted at your postal address.

After completing all the three steps as mentioned above, you can head towards changing your name on passport, driving license, voter card, etc. by providing copies of the Affidavit, newspaper clippings and Gazette Notification as a proof of changing the name.

So, follow the simple three-step process and get a new identity by changing the name as per your choice.