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Advantages of studying medical abroad | Choice Overseas

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Advantages of studying medical abroad | Choice Overseas

Wednesday September 27, 2017,

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Medical and engineering have been the two most sought after career choices for youngsters in our country over last few decades. Science as a field has lot of application in our day to day lives and it is natural that these fields act as obvious career choices for anyone who wants to pursue a career in Science. However, there is a big gulf between the number engineering and medical seats which are available in the county. In engineering, there has been tremendous increase in seats over last couple of decades mainly due to advent of IT industry but in medical there are few thousand seats available for which a million plus aspirants compete every year. This is the reason why pursuing MBBS abroad becomes a logical and sensible choice for the aspirants. 

Pursuing medical education abroad has many advantages which has created lot of demand for the same and this is the primary reason why countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Philippines etc have opened up doors for International students. First of all, one of the biggest hindrance in pursuing medical degree in India is the cost of education which is sum total of capitation and tuition fee. On the contrary, there is no capitation fee in countries mentioned above and tuition fee is also 10-25% lesser in these countries in comparison to India. This kind of fee structure drastically brings down overall cost of degree which is helpful and lucrative for the aspirant. Besides this, these countries have relatively low cost of living in comparison to many developed and developing countries. For example, a student in Ukraine or China can live comfortably on a paltry amount of 100 to 200 USD per month, which reduces the financial burden on parents drastically. All these factors make an international MBBS a more value for money preposition in comparison to pursuing the same in India.

Secondly, student doesn’t have to go through tremendous pressure of preparing and appearing in a competitive entrance exam. There is no entrance test for admission and aspirants are evaluated and admitted purely on the basis on their marks in 12th standard. Admissions are generally done on first cum first serve basis and this really simplifies the life for the aspirant. Thirdly, most of the universities abroad offer world class infrastructure and curriculum which ensures that student’s learning and skill development is phenomenal and forges them into world class professionals. On top of this, international exposure also helps them in develop their analytical and communication skills better. They end up interacting and working with fellow students from many countries which provides them lot of multicultural exposure.

Overall, all these factors contribute towards pursuing a MBBS overseas a better choice for the aspirants. 

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