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Staying Clear of Branding Mistakes

Branding companies in Mumbai

Thursday December 22, 2016,

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Whether you are a start-up firm or an established name, branding is something you should be focusing regardless of the size of your business. Prevention is better that cure! Getting your branding right the first time is much simpler and affordable, rather than trying to fix it later.

To start off with, define who you are and what you do. Obviously, every business knows who they are and what they do, but how do they do it differently than everyone else is what the consumers need to know?

There are many companies in the market that deliver similar services as you. Therefore it’s more about how your deliver those services than, what you do. Whether you’re following a style that’s not beneficial for your brand or not taking in to account the user experience; even mistakes in designing can cost you your relation with your customer and thereby losing sales.

Keep the below mentioned facts in mind to stay on track and avoid some of the most commonly made branding mistakes. Making the spot-on branding moves, and ensuring your business shows off its best self from the very beginning is the key:

Misinterpretation Of What Brand Is: Brand is not just about a logo, a mission statement or a tagline. Branding your company is like giving an identity to your company with the help of an image, style and a voice.

Giving Less Importance To Branding: Have you tried applying for a job without a CV? Does it work? Of course not! Just like that, focusing on building an audience before you build a brand is not going to work either! Branding is your base, it’s important to prioritize it!

Misunderstanding “Being Different” And “Being Offensive”: Getting people’s attention is necessary when it comes to marketing, but isn’t always easy! Many a times, companies try to stand out by being scandalous and controversial, but it doesn’t always pay off. Being different to grab attention is good, but make sure you know what’s “different” and what’s “offensive”!

Misguided Product Descriptions: Even though product descriptions are particularly important, often businesses add or remove them at will without realising its worth. It’s important to understand that for consumers, certain products or services demand to know about what it’s capable of, more than how it looks.

Using Poor Images: Avoid using poor quality images on your website, brochures, flyers, AV’s, etc. If the resolution is lacking, the focus is off or the tone just does not match your brand, then these can be reasons for brand kill. A good brand should starts with a good image.

Most importantly, hire a reputable marketing/graphic design team to help research and creating a brand image that will work for you. There are several branding companies in Mumbai alone that can help you achieve your goals through right branding. Your brand needs to be professional, if you want your customers to believe and commit to it.

Hiring Gamut, a branding agency in Mumbai, to create your logo, business cards, website so that you have a consistent look, will be your most astute choice.

Though branding is a vital advertising requirement, it doesn’t need to be overcomplicated. Good objectives and avoiding the above mentioned mistakes will go a long way towards helping your business connect with your target audience.