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“Human beings are not disabled with body, they are with the mind"

Success Mantra to Bounce Back in Life!

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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In today's world every person is trying to make an identity for himself. People are busy striving to make a successful career in the corporate world / sports / music etc, but if you look at them closely, you will see them running in a rat race without a clear goal, directionless. Some people, begin with a goal, but tend to become desperate and lose patience hence, lose focus.

On the other hand, there are some examples who, unlike the circumstances, have achieved their goal despite their disabilities. The absence of body parts or the presence of any disease only makes us physically disabled, whereas mental disorder makes even a physically fit person useless. For example, Arunima Sinha, who was a national level volleyball player, when one leg was cut off in a tragic accident, she did not give up, but she challenged herself to climb The Everest and conquered it.

Most of us know that Sudha Chandran, world famous dancer has an artificial leg. If you look on the web, you will find different types of physically challenged people who have made a mark in their respective fields.

All these people had only one thing common, they had a strong belief system, and they did not allow obstacles in life to become their stumbling blocks. Humans can lack resources, but they definitely have the power to mobilize resources. Every successful person is made up of his own efforts and failure gives the greatest education. A person’s character is not defined by the failure he has experienced in life but by the number of times he has BOUNCED BACK.

Lord Krishna in the Hindu Scripture, "Bhagavad Gita" says that every human is a part of me. Therefore, every human being has unlimited potential. For example, the chemical composition of water in an ocean is H2O and that of a drop is also H2O, because the drop is part of the ocean itself. Similarly, just like Lord Krishna has unlimited potential, so does we all, because we all are a part of him, the only drawback is that he does not recognize it.

We as humans sometimes takes a standoff in our life, and think that we have tried all the paths, and there is no other way besides this, but the truth is that there are many ways, which are open in our life, but, we do not have the knowledge of them. Therefore, we will have to continue looking for new paths, because, there is definitely some way open, which we would not have searched.

If a person's attitude becomes negative, then this situation becomes more dangerous than diseases such as cancer and brain stroke, because cancer can still be treated by a doctor, but you cannot treat the mindset of someone from outside.

We will have to "Bounce Back" in every difficult situation, we will always have to keep looking for possibilities. We will have to stop living on fate but will have to create our own destiny. In some situations, some people become "closed", and some people are "open", those who open in difficult situations only bloom and if they do not find new ways of success, then they make new paths.

What to do to get success

1. Set Objectives/Goals

2. Never let the goal fade away from conscious mind

3. Find new roads to achieve the goal

4. Always stay on the chosen road to get the goal

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