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How to Promote Your Mobile App by Facebook Ad Retargeting

Are you wondering to promote your mobile app even if you can pay for it?

How to Promote Your Mobile App by Facebook Ad Retargeting

Tuesday October 24, 2017,

4 min Read

CitrusBits | Mobile App Development Company

CitrusBits | Mobile App Development Company

The Facebook ad has been around for a while now. It sets up the stage for any mobile app or startup to grasp the opportunity to win the attention of the audience. So, if you're a startup or an indie mobile app developer  who is looking forward to knocking the paid advertising door, then read the rest of the blog post carefully.

The online marketing space is full of options through various engagement and advertising strategies. One of the options is retargeting. What it means is that this form of advertising specifically targets the audience that has seen your website before and you reach them through a source to either finish the transaction or offer them a deal.

In this blog post, we're taking a closer look at the Facebook Ad Retargeting as Facebook ads seem to be a major contender in the online advertising landscape. The diversity of users, audience retention, and targeting options have made Facebook advertising a viable solution to promote a product/service online.

Let's dig deeper into it and find out how Facebook ads could be used to promote a mobile app through retargeting. Here are some essential steps of starting Facebook ad retargeting:

1. Building a Mobile App's Website

It's imperative to have an official website of the mobile app  for Facebook retargeting as well as from branding standpoint. Make sure that it does the required job, for example, it is properly designed with a responsive layout for tablets and phone, the mobile app links are available, and the detail about the app is written clearly. Many indie developers set up one-page websites for their apps. There is no problem with that if those one-page websites are beautifully curated. Provide your website with all necessary information, requirements, and how-to-use guidelines for your mobile app to make sure that the website does help the audience.

2. Creating the Custom Audience

In order to use Facebook ads for retargeting, you'll have to go through a few steps to get everything in place. Start off with creating a Facebook Pixel. It's a code that gets into the source of your website to track the information for your Facebook. Once you've implemented the code, you need to create a custom audience based on website visitors. This means is that the Facebook Pixel code will be telling the Facebook about the visitors, so that Facebook could help you retarget them via a Facebook ad. You can follow the guideline from Facebook to create Pixel code and set up the customer audience.

3. Run a Targeted Ad

At step 3, you finally get a chance to get closer to the audience who have visited your website before. Maybe, you want to grab their attention this time around because you have updated the mobile app or you've provided a whole lot better information about the app. A lot of game development companies  use embedded YouTube videos on their website homepages to attract the visitors and make them engaged with the website content. You can setup a pictures slideshow, customer live chat, live video streaming, or any other engagement strategy to keep people on the website. However, it all starts once the targeted ad starts to perform, which may take some time. Let's be honest, once you install the Facebook Pixel into your website; it may take a few days to record a handful visitors information. Don't rush into making a conclusion on your first attempt. Alter the Facebook ad design or website layout a bit, once you try it next time.

Over to You

It was a simple guide for mobile app developers, indie developers, and startups who are looking to promote their mobile apps. The reason for talking about the retargeting is that it's better to test out the strategy that takes you in front of the familiar audience. It doesn't mean retargeting is better than targeting an entirely new audience whatsoever. The best way is to try out each strategy multiple times but after a slight change in the plan.

If you want us to cover more on Facebook ads, let us know in the comments below.

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