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Where to buy postage stamps outside the post office

Where to buy postage stamps outside the post office

Friday July 14, 2017,

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Have knowledge about places where you can buy postage stamps aside from your local postage office. Postage stamps are typically used for custom-made papers. It is an evidence of payment, a receipt of postage that’s why they’re commonly sold at the post offices for the convenience of the senders of letters—well, that was before. We now belong in a generation where people also buy postage stamps as collectibles. These stamps differ in design and theme each year that’s why collectors go for boundaries to just buy and collect them. Also, in our generation, people can send letters without going to local post offices. There are a lot of states and countries where post boxes can be seen anywhere in the street thus, going to post offices to buy postage stamps proves to be a hassle for some people. If you are one of those people who doesn’t have time to go to your local post offices, the list provided below will definitely help you find other places where you can buy postage stamps without a hassle.



In this generation of convenience, postage stamps can now be purchased in places like malls, department store, banks and even pharmacies. But not all of the said establishments have postage stamps to sell. It always depends on the location of the establishment. That’s why it is still suggested to take a trip first on local post offices or check this website to know where to buy postage stamps next time.

1. ATM Machines - These machines are really created to bring convenience on human race. You can withdraw money from it, and you can also get some stamps from them. However, these kinds of ATMs are only available for some states. A little more years to come and you can expect all ATMs in the country will have this kind of service.

2. Banks - If you are a regular visitor on your bank and in need of postage stamps at the same time, then you’ll be more than ecstatic to realize that banks sell different postage stamps. However, the same case on ATMs, only some banks offer this service. You can consult the clerk next time and ask if their local bank is selling stamps or not.

3. Gas Stations - This is one of the most convenient places to buy postage stamps. It is a common knowledge that these stations are open 24/7. So in case you might need some stamps in the middle of the night, just go to your nearest gas station and you can go home with your postage stamps immediately.

4. WalMart - WalMart can be seen anywhere in the US. It is known to be our “neighbourhood store”, so buying stamps will never be a hassle for you because it is located near to your home.

5. Online Websites - If you prefer not going outside of your house, just a few clicks away and you can have your stamps immediately. From Amazon online store to the legitimate postage stamp store, the USPS, you will never look for near places around you to just buy postage stamps. It’s all in your gadgets.