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Empty hands

I would like to  start a bit spiritually here...FYI. We come to this world with empty hands and leave the world with empty hands. Correct!  In between we struggle so much for all temporary things. My concern is how we are living in the time we got on this holy place called 'earth'..'Mother earth'. We dig it dig it dig it till the core. Now it is becoming empty. Then started to dig below oceans as well. My dream is a drastic change of attitude. Solar, wind and other non conventional energy utilization is increasing drastically. This is most welcoming thing of this times.  I discuss my story below related to these things below, about how I am contributing towards my home 'earth'.

Saturday June 03, 2017,

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I will finish my story in short time...Time is precious.

I water a basil plant daily. 

I don't print paper unnecessarily at office or home.

I utilize water, food and power without much waste. 

I am planning to grow plants (vegetables) at home soon. 

I prefer to eat organic food and I am a vegetarian as well. 

I use public /shared transport to commute. I am planning to buy a bicycle soon.

There is lot of ways each and everyone of us to protect and preserve natural resources for the future generations. After all we all leave from here with Empty hands. So, start thinking to give back at least till are at home 'earth'.

I conclude here with a dream of green tomorrow. Thoughts will make a big difference. Start thinking green now on. I am Looking for Like minded people in Bangalore for a purpose. 

Your's thankfully, Chandan -A corporate employee.