From mechanical engineering to Lost Poetry

How failing in subjects can sometimes ignite the hidden art in you.

From  mechanical engineering to Lost Poetry

Monday May 15, 2017,

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An year before I was confused and was surrounded by thousands of expectations and guilt of not fulfilling them, grounded and anxious I was, resisting myself from taking that first bold move maybe I was trying to play it safe but one cannot always come out of his routine life to do something unique just by playing it safe, following passion means taking risks on a daily basis. Ended up in an engineering college just like many others to live the expectations of society I was grounded and my wings were cut. There were many like me just doing what they were told to do without asking and without thinking, it's more like a training process. I knew I was not made for this, my heart knew I cannot do this whole my life, I have to get out of here but I didn’t have any backup plans. Eventually, I used my writings and movies to let go of stocked frustration and anger in me and it felt good and that's how the journey of the writer in me started.

There were inspirations and experiences from my own life which made me write even more, what I believe is you portray things which are the imaginations you dearly seek for, and things which are a part of you. I am a day dreamer and I wonder every now and then from stories to faces I question everything and try to alter them as per my own thoughts.

So my journey started from the technical fest of my university in September 2016, when I met my mentor Dr. Nikhil Chandwani. He was there as a guest and luck is what made me meet him. I was told to bring food for the guests so that is what made me come across him, I shared my passion for writing and filmmaking with him over a cup of tea and ended up with an internship in his company The Walnut School of Ideas. So in December here I was in Nagpur at his office and my parents didn’t know about it. I just trusted my instincts and his words and showed up the day after my winter break started. He welcomed me as his younger brother and gave me opportunities and courage to make movies. We ended up winning The LA Short Film Festival in December and from there things started escalating, we went to a few college for interaction and guest lectures I shared my story as a filmmaker, everyone loved it, things were great. From mentor he became family and from there started the journey of passion including travel, shoot, write and life.

Then a few things fell apart unexpectedly, I broke up with my girlfriend. I know it is cliche but it broke me. Then after a few drinks and random soul finding he suggested me to publish my poetries which I was writing since last one year. I was never much into writing it was just something which I did to let go of the guilt and anger. We were in Goa when all of this happened, a fine place to write and chill, right? As I decided to start writing my first book Mystical Emotions I made up my mind that I am not going back to my college until I get it published, I don’t know what stuck in my head but I actually stayed back in Goa and finished writing my book, after a few days I was back in college the same place where it all started, the same place where I discovered my passion but not as an engineer but as a writer, but this time I was back as a published author and with a copy of Mystical Emotions in my hands. I owe my success to my parents who believed in me and my mentors Dr. Nikhil Chandwani and Dr. Dinesh Chandwani who gave me opportunities and courage.

This journey would have never been possible without your support and love and making Mystical Emotions hit, but in case you are yet to join the mystic army then you can order your copy on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.