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5 tips to follow to have a good lead generation website

5 tips to follow to have a good lead generation website

Tuesday October 17, 2017,

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Lead generation is simply the act of creating interest in goods or services which are usually done in websites. Lead generation is quite important in the marketing environment because it narrows down visitors’ search to a specific desired result and it also guides them on what to do, how to do it and where to do it. The usefulness of lead generation can be found in almost all forms of businesses or organizations like banks, insurance companies, education institutions, event centers, offices, to mention a few. Asides that, lead generation serves as a great marketing tool online especially for various websites. There has to be reliability when creating a lead generating website  which guarantees the visitor that his/her time will not be wasted as it has been proven that most internet users have little or no patience. Once they see that your website is not reliable, they will leave and find a better one and this, of course, reduces your chances of getting the customers you want. Undoubtedly, you can make sure visitors are interested in what you have to offer once you have captured their attention and this cannot be achieved except you follow certain norms or rules that will guide you to have an attractive and frequently visited lead generating websites. 


Below are five things you need to do in order to have a good lead generation website;

1) Call to Action (CTA)

You can’t have a lead generating websites if you don't have CTA. Often times, visitors know what they are looking for, but still, would love to try various things on the website just to satisfy their curiosity and there are some scenarios whereby the visitor has no idea of how to navigate the site. The CTA puts an end to this as it directs users or visitors to the desired page. What CTA does is, it guides the visitor by telling them what to do next so they don’t diversify into things that would waste their time. The homepage of a website can be turned into a lead generating machine with the help of CTAs.

2) Earn visitors’ trust

In order to compel people to enter their personal details into your website, you need to earn their trust and this doesn't come easy. Ordinarily, nobody would want to invest, or work in an environment that is not secure which explains why you need to give visitors assurance that you're trustworthy and that their data is safe. Trustworthiness can be attained by adding various social proofs such as testimonials and trust seals.

3) The use of white spaces

White spaces are referred to as the open spaces in a website’s interphase. The mistakes most websites make is to utilize all the spaces on the website which could contain irrelevant contents that are not needed by the visitor. A lead generating website must not be bogus, overloaded and messy. Instead, it should be attractive and easy to navigate. Web sites are easier to use when there are white spaces than when it is clumsy and loaded with an irrelevant graphic design.

4) The use of power words

It is better to use powerful action verbs  because they are strong compellers. This shows that you’re confident in what you’re marketing and the visitor will be convinced to patronize you. Such words include; Experience, Try, Have, Feel and so on.

5) Testing

What is the essence of bringing something out for public consumption if you haven’t tested it yourself? The reason for testing is to know what is missing, why it is missing, what can be added, how it can be added and generally, to know how there can be an improvement in what you've done. The above tips must be tested and you must make sure they are all in place before you can launch your website.

Research has shown that lead generating websites will increase due to the increase in the need to get goods and services marketed online which explains why an interested web developer should follow these tips to create one of the best lead generating websites.