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Railways tracks are not for relaxed comings & goings

Rail lines are meant for running of the trains but we tend to neglect this general rule

Monday April 17, 2017,

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KANPUR: Rail tracks are laid down for running the trains but we tend to move on the railways' line. The stray animals or pet animals are often found on the tracks. Imprecision stays permanently on our part. We tend to be more cautious but we are incompetent of noticing what is more genuine to follow while passing through the tracks. In such negligence, the much expressed Shakespearean line, “To err is human” suits the railways’ oft-repeated slogan, ‘Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Hui’. This practical watchword puts in enough value for us. We are committing serious mistakes by neglecting rules. Our habit of crossing the railways tracks is an example of stupidity. But when we went through news informing of an American model’s accidental death during her photo shoot session on the interchanging tracks it somehow cleared of others not behind us in casualness.

She was badly hit by a speedily approaching train whilst adjusting her posture between two sets of the longer tracks. Though she tried to move out of the tracks, she remained apparently unaware of other train coming in from opposite direction on other rail tracks. This confusion caused her fatal death. Here, our mind compels us to recall similar slackness in crossing the railways tracks without any fear or restraint. We don’t bother to wait for the closed gate to open and after then pass through comfortably. We keep on freely moving from both the directions as we have developed the unique tendency to disobey the standards laid down by the railways.

We are glaringly violating instructions which remain a common sight on the railway tracks. It requires no second thoughts for us to nullify the reality. However, when an American woman had died on the tracks, it seemed how Americans are naive to pursue these norms? We have widely developed a tendency to go up against exactly what is forbidden for us. The American artists had also demonstrated their utter carelessness. They also have not settled on the caution. So far as the carelessness is concerned they were not much behind the slipshod Indians.

Not only humans are seen sitting on the rail tracks but the grazing animals are also seen freely along the extensive tracks. Whatever the railways take into notice vitally is adherence to keeping the tracks clear in order to make unimpeded rail traffic. But such tendencies hamper the movement in a big way. Strangely enough, the 19-year-old American model Fredzania Thompson was struck but the person who was taking her photo shoot was not reported to have been hurt. As she was devoting her full attention on the camera she might have missed her exact concentration. Whatever it may be a precious life was lost in inattention on the tracks.

The tracks are always dangerous for humans because of constant running of the trains. Despite clear-cut instructions, the presence of humans on the tracks has been observed. What is restricted for avoiding danger remains unattended wholly? Our country has attained a dubious distinction in registering cases of accidents on the railway tracks which in no case is recorded higher than that of the progressed country. An increase in the number of human deaths on tracks is definitely a matter of great concern. Everything is forgotten till another tragedy strikes on the tracks. Safety can be given utmost priority against this problem. We got the railway lines by the colonial rulers but failed fairly in providing protection to the rail users.     

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