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Why Linkedin has no substitute!

Linked has become a cure of the pain of hiring employees. According to Wall Street, each LinkedIn user has an estimated value of $84.

Saturday October 22, 2016,

3 min Read

 LinkedIn is 450+ million members strong and it operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Jobvite dot com says 94 percent of recruiters who use social media use LinkedIn. Linkedin also referred as social network because it has few Facebook type features like share button and even the like button, and of course, you can connect with people and send messages/email to them. Linked is an interesting place as user can not only read knowledgeable article about business trends, technology updates, marketing, advertising and so on but also jokes/gossips once in a while.

Linked has got a slight edge over other social networking sites because no office banned this site as many offices do ban Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the such just to keep productivity levels up. Linkedin has more real names, real picture,real location and real employer than any other social networking website. In a study from Performics, 59% of respondents say LinkedIn is their most important account on social networks.

Fun Facts:

More than 2 new members join every second.

More than 450 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

More than 40 million are registered as either students or recent college graduates.

More than 450 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

More than 3 million companies across globe have their official LinkedIn Company Pages.

More than 100 million unique users visit LinkedIn.

More than 40% of millionaires use LinkedIn.

More than 1 million professional publish posts.

More than 1 billion endorsements have been on LinkedIn.

Why Linkedin?

Network statistics: Based on a calculation If a user has more than 800 first-degree connections, due to these connections, this user could have access to 10 million people approximately. In this case, users may have connection in their dream company and can ask for referrals into those companies.

Connection With The Right People: Linked is heaven for connecting with professionals especially among like minded professionals, famous individuals, influencers and people who fall under same groups.

Increase Knowledge Base: Linkedin is full of information and top of that users can ask questions and share their knowledge. Other ways to do it is by participating in online discussions which can be find very often. There are also information available regarding offline events/seminars..

Self Branding: Linked can be treated as marketplace when it comes to self branding. LinkedIn increase members' visibility and credibility with other members of their brand(their profile). User can add videos and images in their summary and experience fields, and can develop a truly 3D view of their talent. People can advertise their skills on Linkedin.

Job Opportunities: There are many recruiter who do not read resume at first but what they do is they simply copy the name and paste it to google search bar. So if someone has a strong presence and/or updated profile is likely to rank on Google’s first results page whenever recruiters will search their name.

Receiving Job Alerts: know about job openings and opportunities inside and outside your circles.


Like it or not, recruiters will judge you based on your Linkedin profile