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Customers vs competitors

Customer empathy is a key strategy for business growth

We believe that it is not so much about staying ahead of your competitors, it is about focussing on your customers. In our fast moving world, where technology and solutions to everyday problems are constantly evolving, customer needs and expectations are on the move too. Businesses today are designing delightful customer experiences by building customer empathy versus giving them what businesses think they want.

Design thinking also known as human-centered design taps into the need to understand the end user or the customer before designing for them. By the very nature of its application there are frequent check- ins with the customer during the design process, be it a service, product or process. 

Our experiences go to show that companies are increasingly seeing the need to start with understanding customers i.e build deep customer empathy and design with them, for them:

a. A leading consumer goods company that is synonymous with everyday innovation was looking to improve techniques of understanding their customers better. They wanted to reinforce a customer centric culture across their teams by using design thinking.

b. Large e-commerce players are looking at redefining experiences for sellers and vendors. Using technology to help them understand how their business is doing and using experiences to help them make better business decisions. 

c. Real Estate companies are looking to leverage technology to create better buying experiences for their customers by conducting in-depth research into home buying behaviour.

d. Consumables and Food Retailers are looking to understand their customers better. We've had the pleasure of working with a large ready-to-eat food retailer that is looking to raise the bar on disruption through deeper customer insights and bust myths about packaged foods.

e. Large companies are seeing the need to better equip their workforce for the future. They are working on improving the employee experience with the larger scope of then translating that into their "customer experience" too.

The common link that threads each engagement is - putting customers at the centre of everything they are doing, be it internal or external and this starts with building deep customer empathy. Stay tuned to learn more in our next article about how we go about understanding customers and arriving at deep, non-obvious business insights.