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Strong leadership starts with your mindset

Times are changing and so is the definition of leadership. If you always wanted to be a leader but the opinions, perceptions, and stereotypes related to it prevented you from taking that leap of faith, then this article is for you.

Strong leadership starts with your mindset

Tuesday November 21, 2017,

4 min Read


The old model of leadership is obsolete. Earlier, leaders were people with fancy titles and positions. People with authority and recognition were looked up as leaders. But with shifting times and all new ways of thinking, the nature and definition of leadership is changing every day.

Today, anyone, at any level of organization can lead. In fact, you can lead others while climbing the ladder of leadership yourself. Why? Because leadership is not restricted to titles and accolades anymore. It’s more about the mindset and the impact you are willing to bring into the life of others.

It won’t be justified to give leadership any particular visual or shape. As true leaders are like water. It takes the shape of the vessel it is poured into without losing its inherent nature. Similarly, having a strong yet open mindset is the basic requirement for a strong leadership.

Here are some ways to develop a mindset as that of a true leader:

See your work as your craft, not as work

One thing that stands apart a great leader is his contagious dedication towards his craft. They work hard not because they have to but because they love what they do. Leaders have strong commitment and devotion towards being ‘world-class’ in whatever they do, whether that’s a business executive, chef or a taxi-driver. Exceptional leaders are humble yet hungry and are always the hardest worker in the room.

They allow their passion to become their purpose, which ultimately becomes their profession. That’s the mindset we should be working to attain where you see your work as a craft, not as work.

They leave people better than they found them

Strong leadership is all about impacting as many lives as possible. I couldn’t agree more with Becky Brodin’s words, “Leadership is not wielding authority - it’s empowering people.” People are attracted toward leaders who are warm and encourages them to grow into more evolved beings.

It’s very simple: people do business with people they like and trust. Every moment you spend with others is a vast opportunity to model qualities and values you believe in. They lead their life in a way that whosoever witnesses that is left inspired and motivated by their vision and actions.

They wear their scars as badges of honor

Nothing fails like success. As soon as people become successful, they cocoon themselves beneath the warmth of comfort and stability. People start taking lesser risks. On the contrary, great leaders put themselves more and more in uncomfortable situations. They know that real growth happens on the other side of the fear. Strong leaders aren’t afraid to fail, they’re afraid not to try.

Instead of hiding their scars, they wear those scars as badges of honor. True leaders are never seduced by the safety of comfort instead, they are attracted towards the discomfort of creativity.

They radiate optimism even on hard days

Every strong leader is a hopeless optimist. He trains his mind to see the best in every situation. Strong leadership never takes the path of victimhood. Even when things are not in their favor, instead of running away, leaders show up and hold their ground with utmost confidence.

Strong leaders are like pragmatists who can deal with harsh realities but still have the optimism and courage to act upon them. Anyone can act like a ‘leader’ when the sun is shining but true leaders emerge when they choose to lead despite things falling apart. So the next time, life takes unexpected turns, radiate sheer optimism and stay strong.

They choose to produce than to be distracted

Strong leadership is choosing to do things than letting things happen to them. It’s about making a deliberate effort to produce than to be distracted by things. They create opportunity in every crisis. Instead of being bogged down by distractions, leaders choose to act upon them. And that is true leadership. They are hustling, even when their peers are partying on a Friday night.

A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He doesn’t set out to be a great leader but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. Thus, to be a successful leader, you have think and act like one.

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