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I would love to turn ODDS to my FAVOR

The real fragrance of Inovies instigates when their client reaps the Flowers of Success

I would love to turn ODDS to my FAVOR

Saturday November 19, 2016,

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Inovies, since its inception has been eyeing to change the perception of business and the way customers are being looked upon. Having an IT background in curriculum, Nagendra, founder of Inovies has many applauds in his cap and rightly being admired among peers for his rich perspective on business.

Flattering client is a common sight that is seen in Mid-sized companies to grab the deals and close them. Nagendra shuns the idea of pleasing the client with false admissions and acceptances.

He says "I say NO when I have to. At times, the client needs fine-tuning of his raw ideas to have a productive output. I help them tailor their perception on ideas to yield good result. I have been fortunate to work with the esteemed clients with good cadres. Yet they receive the suggestions with great humility, it’s good to see them giving priority to our experience and take the suggestions ahead."

We derive pleasure in the success of the clientele than huge pay checks. It gives me nightmares when I realize that my clientele seeing rough phases of business. While I make profits on their application development, I equally want them grow steadily. Their failure, my failure, simple


Start Up Start Up Everywhere

Entrepreneurship runs in his veins, Says Nagendra Bommasani. He never waited to grow up to start one.

I have been a startup many times”,. Each time I start or research on new venture, I ask myself “Am I being a startup again?”. During his graduation, he happened to go to an Institute to learn software course. Overhearing that the Institute is on Sale, He got on the act and bought the institute, learnt the course himself online and started teaching it. Interestingly he was 17 by the time and the Institute has got momentum and recorded huge admissions in the consecutive years. The idea was a massive hit.

He says, “ I have been doing many things since then , some of them gave me profits and some of them experiences. Challenging situation, What’s that?"

Nagendra lives challenges and eventually started loving them. There's no pace in this industry without challenge. They are part of the routine. Instead of worrying on them, he masks them with wit and ahead towards solutions.

Education and Experience

Belonging to construction business, He is well versed with the traumatic conditions of life and accepted the rough roads with ease. He completed post-graduation where the seed of the successful entrepreneurship made its way to his head.

He says “I am fortunate to have this perfect partner when I ventured Inovies”. The first investment to our business was her jewelry. We were mates at college and share same ideology for growth. We took Inovies to the level it desires with the courage, commitment and focus. Upon many years of sharing the same dream, we decided to share lives and grow Inovies together.

Competition and Credit

According to the founder of company, there is no competition in the service Industry. If you do not outsmart yourselves timely, forget about competing others, he adds. The real competition comes from within. I have been privileged to meet knowledgeable people and get to know new ideas on a daily basis. The knowledge transfer is what keeps ones veins active, exclaims Nagendra Bommasani.

Talking about the strength, he says : “ Am I counted successful? , well if yes then the strength is my partner and my efficient team. Each of my team members is a different fragrance stick with unique skill of their own. Pick any of them and you can feel the zeal and strong commitment to do something better every day. This is incredible, this gives real sense of joy to see these different fragrances makes the bouquet of Inovies lively and vibrant.

Also Nagendra gives credit to the wannabees in the same business. People call them competition; I believe its strength booster. If they are bad compared to you, people eventually see that you are better. Rather than competition, they are indirectly giving business.

If they are good , why not join hands and enrich each other’s experience. Competition is just a word and the profits mere a number: It’s the experience a customer goes through working with us makes all difference.


Inovies has been listed amongst the top 20 Google service providers by CIO Review , a technology Magazine in June 2016. They have been selected for Udyog Rattan and excellence award by IES. Also Inovies has been nominated amongst the best World Wide Achievers in IT Industry for 2016.

The Leading news paper EENADU recognized his efforts to the Industry and published a masterpiece to credit the same.

The google APAC partnership to his company are rendered with his untiring efforts and yearn to learn

To come up with a final decision to start up the business that one has always dreamt, it must have taken them through so much of hurdles and riddles. Approaching hundred friends to share the ideas and receiving thousands of suggestions from them, are more than sufficient to push one under a lot of dilemmas and confusions, especially when it is in the budding stage.

Getting the right direction to the limelight is quite essential in this stage of development. Spending too much money is not the only way to the success, but refining it to the fitting method is the brilliance

“Who else could be a better mentor than me? Laughs Nagendra..I have been having many startups in my credit that I should be nominated as a brand ambassador to the Startups, he giggles. He has been mentoring startup companies to their desired goals and helps them with the right business plans and suggestions. Attaining the Breakeven does not mean it’s a success. You have to constantly remind yourself that you embarked on a journey with no looking back. You need to walk till the goal is achieved. Keep moving, no matter how slow, but don’t consider stopping. Do not make the ECG of your business go straight"
All your employees are looking up to you and supporting with all their might to keep you moving. Never let them Down”. Ends Nagendra Bommasani

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