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Tips on How to Work and Travel in Foreign Land

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Tips on How to Work and Travel in Foreign Land

Sunday February 19, 2017,

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We all know that working abroad offers the perfect opportunity not only to earn thicker bucks but also to explore different culture and traditions. But the challenges that most of the overseas professionals find is maintaining balance between working hours and travelling – to know the foreign land in and out. Thus, we have a handful of suggestions on how to find that ideal poise working and travelling.

1. Sort Out The Parts:

It is not possible to travel the globe in “80 days”. If you want to enjoy and explore various parts of the country you have just landed, you ought to prioritize which locations have caught your desire. Since, you will be working during the weekdays, it might so happen that you run out of time to see and experience all the places. However, if you have a proper plan then it will be possible to visit those destinations that you want to go most. Also don’t forget to do some research on the places so that you stay mentally prepared about the locations’ specialities and peculiarities.

2. Schedule Weekend Trips:

When you are in a different land, you need not to take leave from your work in order to see new places. You can always invest your weekend time in short trips. Initially, travel around the places that are near to your work place. Map out important destinations that require few hours travel by train or bus and where you can head for on Friday night itself. Though 48 hours might not always be enough to get completely soaked with the culture of a particular location, it is at least sufficient to get to know the highlights.

3. Note National Holidays:

Apart from the weekends, you can also utilize national and public holidays to see new places around. Know the days on which you will have off from office and mark on the calendar to plan out the best getaways. Doing so will allow you to experience and cover up all of your most preferred places during your work permit period. Never forget that “being systematic is the key” to live life to its fullest.

4. Allow Yourself Extra Time:

Another best strategy to check in the entire bucket list destination is by affording some extra time. For example, if you have a Canada working visa for a period of 8 months, then you can schedule your complete trip for nine months. This way you will get to enjoy your favourite destinations along with completing your assigned job. The extra month can be added either prior or towards the end of your work period. With extra time in hand, you can witness the great beauty of the land without any hassle.

5. Work from Home Opportunity:

Many companies offer their employees the option of working from home. If your client base is a similar company, then you can plan to take complete advantage of it. To do so, the only requirement of yours will be a laptop with proper internet connection. Make arrangement for these and schedule a well plan trip. You will not only get the chance to visit new places but will also be in track with your office work.

6. Taking Charge of Multiple Location Projects:

In case you are eligible, you can convince your boss to allow you to take charge of the new project that will require travelling from one location to another. And if everything turns out to be as you have wished, you will have the best opportunity to know new culture, people and city while working for your company.

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