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5 question to ask yourself before buying a new garage door in 2017

Garage Door Buying Guide

5 question to ask yourself before buying a new garage door in 2017

Thursday June 08, 2017,

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Each and every second, a new technology is invented by anyone to make human life easier. And this is same for the garage door too. So, it is better to go with the latest technology when you are going to buy a new garage door. One more thing, replacing a door with a new one is a big investment that you do for your home. Never buy a door just like buying shampoo from a mall. Before moving towards it; at least ask yourself these below questions that will definitely help you and you will not be disappointed with your final decision.

What is new with the garage door?

As I said that every day a new technology is invented. So, ask yourself that is there anything new to a garage door which can help me. Today, garage door has become a high-tech, energy-saving, attractive interior and exterior designs and much more. Also, check the technology, a door is used like how much it is secure and how it will provide security to my home. Does it reduce my electricity bill? Is it easier for me as well as any of family members to open or close the door easily? These questions will let you know what’s new in a door in 2017 and you will have a new door with new technology, energy efficient and latest in style.

What is the cost of a new door?

Cost always matters when you buy a safety pin or a garage door. When you ask yourself this typical question; the answer relies on various factors. Today, there is a broad range of qualities, technologies and style of doors; the prices are started from just $400 for the wood door that you must install by yourself to $8500 or more for the fully functional high-end garage door with an installation. But generally, people would like to spend approx. $900 to $1700 for a door with the installation. A standard door with the automatic opener with installation cost you in between $1500 and $2000. Even this number also varies depending on the style, technology, material, features and more.

What Size of a door fit for my home?

When you think the first time to buy a new garage door, you must ask this question to yourself; otherwise, there is no worth of asking anything yourself. Because size is a factor which helps you in determining how much a door will cost, material and what style will be the best for your door. Now the question is that how can I measure a size of a door, right? Don’t worry about it; a professional garage door specialist can do it in a short of time or you can do it by yourself but it might be tough for you if you are not good at some technical points.

Which Garage Door Opener will suit to my door?

After finalizing the garage door; the next question you should ask yourself must be related to the garage door opener. It is a device which controls the garage door and helps to open and close the door by just pressing a button. Factors that can be considered while buying an opener: on which method garage door move up and down (chain, screw or belt drive), the horsepower of a motor, vacation setting, emergency reverse sensor system, etc.

Where to buy new garage door?

This is the last question to be asked yourself. After getting enough information about door style, material, technology, cost and opener; the main question is that from where to buy a new garage door; so, I will not disappoint on my decision. Find out the dealers nearby your area; get a quote for different types of door and compare them with each other. This will let you know which one provide quality at low price. P.S. Go with the brand instead of local.


After asking these above question to you; you are armed with the enough information to choose the new garage door for your home and selecting the right one will be the straightforward decision. So, don’t forget to ask these before buying a new one and increase the home appearance, value and safety.

New Garage Door Buying Guide 

New Garage Door Buying Guide