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Significance of tracking number in shipping

Significance of tracking number in shipping

Wednesday February 14, 2018,

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The enormous competition in E-commerce business has made every online retailer obligatory to impart latest services to their customers to stay ahead in the competition. Obtaining a sales order is a tough process, on the contrary, fulfilling the customer's orders on time is a difficult job too. The fame and fate of your business entirely dependent on the service which you furnish to your customers. So it is crucial for any online retailer to choose a courier service which imparts tracking of the shipment with the help of tracking number. 

By knowing the shipment status you can throw some light on the current status and keep your customers updated on the latest developments. 

Take an instance where a customer has completed online booking of a product on your business portal and delivery date of the product is 8 days from booking. The major question which arises in the mind of any customer is “Will I receive the product after 8 days?”, ”Where is it now?”. This anxiety of customers has to be resolved as the next transaction will implicitly depend on how well you solve their questions. This is where Tracking number plays a significant role. Tracking shipment is an easy procedure where one needs to enter the tracking number on the company's website through which you can know the trail of the shipment. Let's dig deep for some of the importance of tracking number.


1. Shipments Journey Status:

With tracking number one can access the genuine location of the shipment with each stop throughout the way i.e. if the shipment is still in the warehouse, In-transit, out for delivery or delivered. We can also track “On Hold” status of the shipment which may arise due to missing/incorrect documents, invoice, tax forms, entry bills, customs clearance etc..,

2. POD Information:

Tracking status provides the information on the proof of delivery i.e., details about the recipient who received the shipment, which is a vital data during disputes related to the missing shipments.

3. Delivery Attempt Status:

We can get clear information on the number of times the delivery was attempted and the reasons for failed delivery such as consignee number was not reachable, customer not ready with COD amount, refused by recipient, customer unavailable at the given address.

4. Estimated Delivery Date:

With statistics on position of shipment it is easy to reckon the date of delivery of the shipment. This will also enable customers to gain trust and rely on the service which your offer.

5. Improved sales:

Having given the customers the provision of order tracking, it makes them gain more credibility on your business and thereby minimizing the chances of canceling the order.

6. Better Visibility:

Since tracking status gives the exact position of the shipment it creates a feeling of satisfaction in customers on delivery of the parcel. It will also lessen the chances of customers calling to complain/enquire on shipment status.

7. Claim Insurance:

Tracking information acts as an evidence that you have shipped the consignment to the customer and often crucial in claiming insurance in case of missing parcel.

Final Thoughts:

Keeping customers happy with timely delivery of the shipment is vital for the survival of any business. Having tracking option helps to keep the shipment delivery process transparent thereby establishing trust factor in customers towards your business. So make sure you opt an E-commerce delivery solution that renders real-time tracking options for your shipment, as they play a major role in the success of your business.