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Why choose CodeIgniter development framework over other PHP frameworks

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Why choose CodeIgniter development framework over other PHP frameworks

Wednesday August 02, 2017,

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PHP web development platform has long been praised for its versatile web development support and high customization perks. With this, we have long been studying the perks of using PHP instead of .Net or Node.js for website development. But, as we dive deep into the reasons, it is the framework priorities that decide the superiority of a web solution. Here CodeIgniter out shows itself as the best framework among various PHP frameworks.

So, let us learn the top reasons to choose CodeIgniter development framework for web application development:


1) Faster Development and High Customization Perks

As compared to the other PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, and Symfony, CodeIgniter requires shorter codes and presents the benefits of faster development. With this, CodeIgniter web services present you with a high level of customization support. A CodeIgniter developer can easily change the behavior of the framework by easily customizing the existing library. In CI new libraries can also be easily written.

2) Inbuilt Tool Package For Your Convenience

The CodeIgniter development framework has an extensive set of built in libraries, including zip encoding, calendar, unit testing modules, validations, sessions, email, and zip encoding, etc. The boat load of default helpers adds to the developer's delight for managing arrays, strings, the directory data, forms, and other data files. With this, if you hire CodeIgniter developer, he can easily create new libraries and helpers according to your project requirements.

3) The Preferred MVC Architecture

The model, view, controller architecture of the CodeIgniter framework allows the developers to easily manage the separate code forms based on the data structure and the design HTML code. This makes the CodeIgniter development process more synchronized and logic-based as compared to the other frameworks based particularly on models.

4) Say “Bye” To The Arduous Installation Procedure

One of the most challenging tasks that the developers face is the installation of new frameworks and the complicated configuration task involved. However, if you wish to employ CodeIgniter web services, you do not have to make time-taking server modifications and there is no need for PEAR packages. All you need is to just upload the files on the server and get started instantly.

5) Enhanced Security

The CodeIgniter PHP framework has built in security tools that help the developers to create and customize the security standards for your web application according to your requirements. With this, CodeIgniter unsets all the global variables by default independent of the PHPs register_globals directive.

6) Database Abstraction

Database abstraction layer is a default with almost every PHP framework, and CodeIgniter framework is no exception. This layer allows you as a CodeIgniter developer to easily create, update or remove any statement without the creation of raw SQL. Meanwhile, if you hire CodeIgniter developer, you can experience the high customization perks of the CodeIgniter framework like easy addition or removal of columns from rows, or creation of new tables in the database.

7) Immense Community Support

CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework with more than 57,000 registered members on the CI forum. The CI framework has a Wikipedia page with its code available and a dedicated forum. So, in the case of a problem, you can easily switch to the CI forum and find the solution for your problem. The active CI community can help you with almost any kind of CodeIgniter development challenges.

8) Excellent Documentation of CI Framework

One of the most eminent differences you will come across while using the CodeIgniter framework is its excellent documentation. The CI documentation is referred to as significantly better than the other PHP frameworks and adds to a web developer’s delight. EllisLab, the company that has developed the CI framework definitely takes pride in the high-quality documentation of the framework.

The above perks of CI framework surely boast it as the best PHP framework. However, the framework has a disadvantage of no inbuilt ORM. So, if you wish to hire CodeIgniter developer or employ CodeIgniter web services at affordable prices, contact us at – [email protected].