The ridesharing concept actually originated in France with some prominent carpooling apps becoming household names.

Saturday December 03, 2016,

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Today, the social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc, the World Wide Web, newspapers, magazines and journals are filled with buzzwords like sharing economy, eco-friendly, green, protect the environment and carbon footprint. From a business point of view, for any business to survive the stiff market competition, it has to move with the times. For businesses in the IT industry, the buzzword these days is mobile apps. So what is stopping any IT company combining the two magic words to create a product of the millennium? That is exactly what V3CUBE Technolabs LLP, an IT company based in Ahmedabad , India has done – the magic merger of share economy and mobile app, to give you the app of the future, the ride-sharing clone.

The ridesharing concept actually originated in France with some prominent carpooling apps becoming household names. However, to actually design an app that is similar to such apps is very expensive. That is where V3CUBE came up with the idea to design a product that is not only better than the original but also costing a fraction of the original cost, making it the perfect product for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs. Since they started web development in 2005 and mobile development few years after it, there has been no looking back. Their ride-sharing app became the icing on the cake for the company whose sole goal is to provide the best in car sharing and taxi business, with the emphasis always being on products that are helping to save our environment and reduce the global carbon footprint.

Their vast portfolio of share economy products now includes websites and apps of cargo sharing, car rental , flight sharing, boat sharing, food sharing and Uber App Script, to name a few. These products are fast gaining momentum in the business world due to the technology, especially smartphones, social media and GPS navigation devices. The products designed by V3CUBE can be launched in any country and can be customized according to client specification.

Such apps have also eliminated the need for money to change hands as everything is fully automated.

As far as ride sharing is concerned it is very easy for a person with a smartphone to get access to a driver that can give him a lift. It also makes it possible for people with cars to offer rides to people who are looking to go in the same direction, thus saving them unnecessary exorbitant taxi fares.

Ridesharing is a concept that is here to stay for the next few generations as the youth become aware of the advantages of the sharing economy and its benefits. Save the world is high on the global agenda. Thanks to the products that are being launched by V3CUBE, the world and the environment are becoming cleaner by the minute and entrepreneurs and commuters are reaping the fruits of their company’s passion and labour.

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