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7 Indian Research Councils - Their Incredible Achievements

India has some pioneer institutes, councils and research organizations that have been working exceptionally well from past few decades. Let's delve deeper to acknowledge the excellent work of these top performing Indian research councils.

Friday December 16, 2016,

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Among all the Indian councils, Research councils have made India proud appreciably. India boasts a significant key contribution to global research and development.

There are various councils in India - statutory, research, regional, autonomous, promotion councils, public sector undertakings, and private sector councils.

So, it's worth mentioning all major and pioneer Indian research councils here.

A council is a group of people who make decision, discussing & consulting together and reaching to some point unanimously.

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

This autonomous is also lessened as ICAR India. Indian Council of Agricultural Research is responsible for co-coordinating, guiding and managing research and education in agriculture and its various subsidiaries like horticulture, floriculture, animal science and husbandry, fisheries.

No. of Research Institutes: 101

Head Quarters: New Delhi.

Foundation Day: 16 July

President: Radha Mohan Singh (Union Minister of Agriculture).

Achievements of Indian Council of Agricultural Research:

Various divisions under this organization have achieved remarkable milestones till now from the independence of India.

It has been bestowed with King Baudoin Award in 1989 for its valuable contribution in ushering in the green revolution.

Crop Science division has achieved spectacular success in introduction and improvement of new crops. Other major achievements counts protected cultivation, development of consortia of bio-fertilizers, web based agro-advisory services.

Indian Council of Social Science Research

Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) was established to review and monitor the progress of social science research.

This Council also sponsors and administers social science research programs. In addition to that, this organization also advises Government of India on all matters related to social science research.

No. of Research Institutes: 27

Head Quarters: New Delhi.

Established: 1969

Chairman: Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat.

Achievements of Indian Council of Social Science Research:

This organization boasts many achievements in the form of international collaborations, Cultural Exchange Programs, and publications.

The Indian Institute of Economics (IIE), a division under Indian Council of Social Science Research, has developed a Library with over twelve thousand volumes and carried out over 150 research studies and surveys pertaining social science.

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India

As the name stats, it is apex body for industrial and scientific research in India. This autonomous body has developed over 1,376 technologies during late 90s.

No. of Research Institutes: 43

Head Quarters: New Delhi, India.

Established: 1942

Chairman: Prime Minister of India.

Achievements of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research:

There is a huge list of amazing achievements of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, India. Few preeminent achievements are permanent/indelible link, herbal contraceptive, and baby milk food from buffalo milk, Special Glasses, Menthol Mint, and many more.

One would feel at a loss for words if start counting incredible moments when Council of Scientific and Industrial Research made India proud for its marvelous inventions/developments. This is why CSIR NET is considered one of the toughest research fellow exam in India.

Broadcast Audience Research Council India

This is a research organization with the motive to focus its empirical research in analyzing TRP of TV Serials, shows and movies on Indian television.

The Broadcast Audience Research Council is a non-profit body which is guided by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Head Quarters: Mumbai.

Established: 2010

Chairman: Punit Goenka.

CEO: Partho Dasgupta

Achievements of Broadcast Audience Research Council India:

This organization promises to solve the puzzle of Broadcast Audience Research in a country with an estimated television audience of 153 million home. Over 300 channels have been watermarked for measurement with its technology.

Indian Council of Philosophical Research, ICPR

Indian Council of Philosophical Research also abbreviated as ICPR India, is an organization working in order to strengthen philosophical research and studies in India. With these objectives it also undertakes fellowships and conducts seminars, lectures, and exchange programs.

Indian Council of Philosophical Research comes under Department of Higher Education and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Head Quarters: New Delhi.

Established: March 1977

Chairman: Prof. S.R. Bhatt.

Achievements of Indian Council of Philosophical Research:

This organization has developed a top class library for philosophy. Also, Indian Council of Philosophical Research is continuously working in order to imbibe the achievements of the philosophers in India and developing plans to promote philosophical research.

Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education

It is a government agency under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India. This council promotes and conducts forestry research and education in tune with the emerging issues in the sector.

No. of Research Institutes: 9 (along with 4 advanced research centers)

Head Quarters: Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.

Established: 1986

Chairman: Sh. Ajay Narayan Jha.

Achievements of Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education:

This organization has not only provided solutions in forestry research, but also achieved remarkable milestones in the field of forest education and nationwide network for dissemination of statistics.

It conducted Environmental Impact Assessment studies and formulation of Environmental Management Plan for Tehri/Pauri Garhwal Project. Other Achievements are:

• Online database for retrieval of information on genes conferring stress tolerance.

• Cultural studies for 53 isolates of Fusarium solani.

• Collected Calamus latifolius Roxb (rare cane) for the first time from southern India.

• Developed various non-destructive harvesting and cultivation techniques.

Indian Council for Medical Research

The council itself needs no introduction. This is one of the oldest and renowned medical research councils in the world. This apex body is responsible for biomedical research in India. It comes under Department of Health Research, India.

No. of Research Institutes: 33

Head Quarters: New Delhi, India.

Established: After 1949 redesigned as Indian Council for Medical Research.

Chairperson: Dr. Soumya Swaminathan.

Achievements of Indian Council for Medical Research:

• ICMR glucometer.

• US patent for diagnosis of kala-azar and PKDL.

• US patent filed for centrin knock-out mutants of leishmania donovani.

• Papers and publications.

• Investigation of outbreaks.

• Development of drugs and vaccines.

With these highlights and breakthrough, this is an end to the article about the never-ending achievements of Indian research councils. Most of these council came into existence after independence & in this relatively short period time, these councils made an incredible and outstanding history to be fondly remembered by every Indian.