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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

There's a story in everyone's life...

Monday July 18, 2016,

4 min Read

Interpreting lyrics of a hindi movie song, of what life is nothing but your story and my story. Each one of us have a story to tell and we learn from each other's life; its trials and rewards. Most of us either get attached to our happiness or sorrows. The lucky, few of us know the true "art of living" and practice non-attachment in an evolved manner. 

The story today is of Ms. Brenda. Born into a lower middle class family, Brenda has her roots in the city of Thrissur. Her father migrated to the city of Kolkata, in search of a job, to raise a family of four. He found one in a firm as an accountant. A close knit family with simple values and simpler life style, life was happy and simple.

Brenda's elder brother was detected with a syndrome, where he would get angry and violent just by his thoughts , lost his concentration and could not neither secure a job nor a friend. Brenda lost her father, while she was in college, to old age and poor health. There she was, a girl with hopes and aspiration to have a dreamy life , with the responsibility of an ailing and aged mother and a brother who too needed her support. She yearned for love , a shoulder to cry on, a dream to weave a family life. But life had thrown lemons at her...responsibilities, no money or a job. So what did Brenda do? She wanted to run away from the harsh reality , sob in her sorrow , encompass in self pity of how cruel life has been to her.

Frail physically and looks which were far from being attractive, Brenda could have got married to a suitor and be enslaved to domesticity and self pity for the rest of her life. But, she is made of sterner stuff, this Brenda. Fighting all odds, she completed her graduation and an accountancy course. She applied for jobs and started working, with dedication and concentration. Her karma of hard work and dedication paid off. Rising slowly and steadily in her job, Brenda started getting appreciation and promotions. 

In her mid thirties, she was getting marriage proposals from grooms, who were more interested due to her financial and professional growth. However, no brave heart was ready to accept the responsibility of her mother and brother. She kept her yearning for a life partner at bay and focused on her career and an aim to provide the best for her family.

Today, Brenda, frail physically and less than ordinary looks is occupying the high rung position of her company. From a one room apartment, she has now moved into a spacious three room apartment in a cosy and posh neighbourhood. With material comforts, her mother and brother are healthier and emotionally secured.

 So, what is so special about Brenda's story? its a story of an ordinary girl with the simple dreams of being happy. The special part is that happiness is only in your and my hand. If this is one life, we have to get up each time life pulls us down or tests us. We get depressed, suicidal, resort to drugs and alcohol as a is wasted. The same hands which can resort to such acts can also resort to hard work, determination and the perseverance. Brenda counts her blessings each day. One thought can either make your and my life or break it.

I have learnt to believe in myself , be determined and focused to work hard and give life a best shot. I have learnt to learn from life and flow with the flow. 

What have you learnt from Brenda's story? Do you know of any Brenda? Please share her story and enrich us, a little inspiration is all that is needed for you and me.

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