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Making the choice to update or replace your kitchen cabinets

Making the choice to update or replace your kitchen cabinets

Monday September 25, 2017,

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If your kitchen is in need of a face lift, adding new cabinetry, or improving upon existing cabinetry, is a great idea. The quality of your cabinetry can make all the difference in the overall design flow of your kitchen, and it helps to improve your home’s value too. Sometimes it is better to completely replace the cabinets, and at other times, improving upon what you already have will do the trick. Making the decision between these two options can be tricky, but here are some tips that can help.

If your cabinets are in relatively good condition with minimal wear and well functioning hardware, refinishing them can give you a whole new look without the cost associated with replacing them entirely. Refinishing cabinets can be as easy as sanding the old ones down, adding a new coat of paint or varnish and replacing existing knobs and pulls. In many instances, this can be done for several thousand dollars less than it would cost you to replace all of your cabinets. Consider this option first unless your cabinets are structurally unsound, making them increasingly difficult to update and repair.

If your cabinets are not structurally sound, you might find that replacing them entirely is the less expensive option. If you need to replace wood, find matching pieces and complete difficult cuts in order to update your current cabinets, the cost of labor can quickly get driven up into the thousands. With all of the new materials and prefabricated cabinet options, you might find that replacing them is the better way to go. Discuss this option with a home designer to make the best decision for your pocketbook. Doing so will help you to get the look that you want for the least amount of money.


Another reason to replace your cabinets entirely might be if you are completely changing the design and layout of your kitchen. Salvaging old cabinets can be difficult when they all must be removed in order to create a new design plan. It is also sometimes difficult to match old cabinets up to new ones if you know you will be adding extra storage space to your kitchen. Finally, fitting in new appliances can be tricky if your kitchen design is very old and the current cut of your cabinets was made for much smaller, or different, appliances than are currently available. Again, a design professional will be able to direct you in the best, and most cost effective, way to reuse what you can as far as your kitchen cabinets and replace what needs to be replaced.

Improving upon your kitchen space is a great way to add value and function to your existing home. Doing so often requires considering the current state of your cabinets and what you need to do to them. Make sure to explore all of your options when it comes to replacing or reusing your cabinets in order to make a choice that works for both the design quality of your kitchen and your pocketbook.

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