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101 facts about Instagram

Instagram is becoming the strongest platform for brands nowadays for business. The list of Instagram facts helps business owners  to plan a strategy for their brands  in an effective manner by knowing  all the facts of Instagram

101 facts about Instagram

Wednesday July 04, 2018,

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Whether you are a business owner or marketer or an individual user of Instagram, you should know facts and Incredible Instagram hacks to get more followers. Since this is becoming a primary site for brand promotional activities, you as a marketer must be aware of all the important facts that will help you in leveraging your brand campaign on this platform

Some of them are shocking and surprising while quite a few can be interesting. The facts are chosen after going through various fact sheets. The list aims to educate you about the platforms performance, behavior and some other interesting facts that might clear all your doubts. Let’s have a look at the top 58 Interesting facts from Instagram 101:


1) Only 20% of users on Instagram are from U.S and rest from outside.

2) For 32% of the teenagers, Instagram is the most important social media platform.

3) A staggering 56% of Instagrammers make more than $50,000 a year.

4) Instagram was sold in 2012 for a whooping amount of $1 billion.

5) The most followed Instagram user is Selena Gomez

6) Instagram has been installed more than 1 billion times of Google Play Store.

7) More than 40 billion pictures have been so far shared on Instagram.

8) Every single day, there are around 95 to 100 million photos uploaded on Instagram.

9) 32% of the users on Instagram are college students.

10) Most Instagram users are aged from 18 to 29 years.

11) Everyday, there are around 4.2 billion likes Instagram gets.

12) The female users on Instagram are more as compared to male.

13) Million of users of Instagram use the stories feature.

14) The best time to upload pictures on Instagram is found to be 5pm on Wednesday.

15) The highest used Emoji on Instagram is the heart.

16) The most followed brands on Instagram is Nike.

17) Within 24 hours, 5 million videos were uploaded after the Instagram video was uploaded.

18) Instagram has founded in October 2010 and has profoundly increased its users.

19) Posts with at least one hashtags have an average 12.6% more engagement.

20) Business profiles on Instagram are more than 8 millions.

21) Instagram influencers charge up to a whooping amount of $100,000 for a single sponsored post.

22) 91% of the Instagram posts are only pictures.

23) Nearly 14% of the drivers check Instagram while driving (Not recommended at all)

24) The most popular picture on Instagram is Beyonce announcing her pregnancy with around 6 millions likes.

25) Photos of you and photo tagging were introduced in May 2013.

26) The video sharing feature on Instagram was introduced in June 2013.

27) The direct features allowing users to send photos to specific person was introduced in December, 2013.

28) The feed was switched from chronological to algorithm driven in March 2016.

29) Instagram stories were launched in August 2016.

30) The minimum age to open an account on Instagram is 16.

31) The most Instagrammed food is Pizza and second is Sushi.

32) The most popular hashtags are #love, #Instagood, #cute, #follow and #me.

33) A bug in the Instagram security system in August 2017, led to leaking of contact details of more than 1000 high end Instagram celebrities.

34) Same filter is used by 60% of the top brands on Instagram.

35) The active users on Instagram are only 2 to 3 millions.

36) At least one business is followed by 50% of the users on Instagram.

37) A new product or service is learnt about on Instagram by 60% of the users.

38) The stories feature is used by nearly 300 million users every day.

39) The top filter used worldwide is Clarendon followed by Juno and Gingham.

40) The most popular nature filter used is Valencia.

41) Nearly 5% choose an action after being influenced by an Instagram post.

42) Top Instagram brands post around 4.9 times a week.

43) More than 500,000 advertisers build business using Instagram.

44) The most followed politician on Instagram is Barack Obama.

45) The most followed sports team is New York Yankees.

46) The most followed NBA team is Golden State Warriers.

47) Instagram is in second position for social media sites for cyberbullying.

48) Instagram videos get twice engagement on Instagram.

49) Instagram hit 1 million users in December 2010.

50) The Android app for Instagram was released in April, 2012.

51) In 2012, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

52) In 2012, Instagram raise $50 million from venture capital for company share.

53) In 2013 November, Instagram introduced sponsored post advertising for US users.

54) In 2014 December, Instagram cross 300 million users.

55) In 2015 September, Instagram allowed 30 second ads for global advertisers

56) In October 2015, Instagram launched Boomerang.

57) The updated and new stylish icon for Instagram was introduced in May, 2016.

58) In June 2016, Instagram introduced instant translation feature.

59) In July 2016, it introduced the filter out comment stream feature.

60) In August 2016, Image zoom feature was introduced to zoom images.

61) In November 2016, video broadcasting feature was introduced.

62) Since 2012, adults’ users of Instagram in U.S have increased two times.

63) 32% user of Instagram is from urban areas and 28% from sub-urban areas.

64) The global mobile ad revenue earned by Instagram in 2016 was around $1.53 billion.

65) Revenue of Instagram is expected to increase by 18% by end of 2018.

66) In 2016, its revenue was around 8.4% of global revenue earned by Facebook.

67) The most popular fashion filter on Instagram in Kelvin.

68) The most popular food filter is Skyline.

67) The most popular selfie filter is normal.

69) In US, the most popular filter is Clarendon followed by Gingham and Juno/Lark.

70) The top hashtags for marketing are #social, #branding, #socialmedia, #success #sweepstakes, #contentalert, #giveaway etc.

71) The popular hashtags for restaurant are #food, #foodporn, #foodie, #yummie, #hungry, #cleaneating etc.

72) Layout application by Instagram has over 50 millions downloads.

73) The Boomerang app by Instagram has nearly 10 million downloads.

74) The hyperlapse app by Instagram is only for iOS users.

75) The Instagram app has been downloaded 8 million times on Apple device.

76) Nearly 70% of performance campaigns statistically significant online lift.

77) As of December 2016, Instagram has 2 billion and more selfies posted.

78) The highest followed NFL team is New England Patriots,.

79) The highest followed UEFA soccer team is Barcelona.

80) The second highest followed UEFA soccer team is Real Mandrid.

81) The third, fourth and fifth followed UEFA soccer team is Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea.

82) The highest followed NHL team is Blackhawks followed by Pittsburgh Penguin and Bruins.

83) The highest followed F1 team is Mercedes.

84) The second and third highest F1 team is Red Bull racing and Mclaren-Honda.

85) Nearly 25.1% women are subjected to cyber-bullying on Instagram.

86) Women are more subjected to cyber bullying than men.

87) More women are involved in cyber bullying as compared to men with 21.3%.

88) White women spread more mean rumors on Instagram.

89) Men are more known for posting mean or indecent pictures.

90) The second best timing for posting on Instagram is from 3.00 am to 10.00 PM.

91) The second best day for posting on Instagram is Friday.

92) The second most followed politician in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

93) The third most followed politician is Queen Rania Al Abdullah who is Queen Consort of Jordan.

94) The most followed nature based brand is National Geographic.

95) The highest followed apparel brand is Victoria’s Secret.

96) By end of 2010 when Instagram hit 1 million users, Facebook was at 608 million users.

97) The highest visitors are by US followed by Russia and Brazil.

98) The highest number of followers for celebrity is equivalent to 12th most populated country.

99) The highest number of overall followers is on Instagram profile itself.

100) In 2018, mobile ad revenues by US users is 3.44 billion and for non-US, it is 1.62 billion.

101) It has around 600 M total users with 300 million active users.