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The DNA of top mobile app developers

The DNA of top mobile app developers

Wednesday May 30, 2018,

4 min Read


It’s no secret that mobile apps have become a daily part of our lives. This app wave is so vast that somewhere someone always comes up with a brilliant idea for developing apps for almost all kinds of businesses and industries.

In fact, about 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store and 2.2 million apps on Apple App Store were available in March 2017 according to Statista. With that being said, it is clear that the demand of mobile app developers is constantly on the rise. But not just any developers. Only the best ones!

But what is it that makes them best though?

For the past couple of years, my company has gathered a significant amount of experience, not just in developing mobile apps, but also in employing top mobile app developers. And today, I want to share our practical knowledge on this matter with all of you. In this article, I’ve created a list of main seven qualities that all top mobile app developers have in common.

1: Knowledge of Cross-Platform Development

Let be honest. The chances of your target audience being on just one platform is mostly non-existent. Therefore, developing your app only for one platform should not be your option. While there are more number of users on Google Play Store, but at the same time, the iPhone users historically spent more time & money on apps.

So, the best way to market your product faster is by choosing cross-platform development. By doing so, not only your development speed will increase, but it offers much more benefits as well.

For example, with cross-platform development, you can reuse the code and also sync it across multiple platforms easily. Remember, the best mobile app developers are the ones that not only recognize the advantage of cross-platform development, but also has considerable experience of it.

2: A Good Team Player

Top mobile app developers are always the ones who are good team players. This is because they are always honest in communication and have good planning and organizing skills. These skills are necessary if a team wants to reach its full potential.

In simple terms, a top mobile app developer should be honest, able to face challenges, and know how to manage time to overcome them efficiently.

3: A Good Track Record of Past Work

Let’s admit it – portfolio has always been proof of experience, excellence, and commitment.

A portfolio showcases the glimpse of past work. It gives you necessary information such as technical skills, experience, etc. to help you make an informed decision before hiring someone. And while we’re at it, know that the top mobile app developers take pride in their work, which is why their portfolios will always take a couple of minutes to read.

4: Knowledge of Multiple Programming Languages

There are various languages with which mobile apps can be developed, but whatever language developer chooses, it is imperative to hire someone who knows more than one programming languages, especially the new ones.

Also, keep in mind that finding solutions for issues on Google does not mean the developer is incompetent. Every developer has done it and still doing it. What really matters here is that whether the chosen developer is a quick problem solver or not.

5: Prefers (and Recommends) Agile Methodologies

Nothing beats Agile when it comes to mobile app development. The benefits of sprints and releases make it possible to achieve great responsiveness to alter according to technology changes.

The Scrum method in Agile allows managing a project efficiently, whether it’s about prioritizing a to-do list, reviewing project backlogs, aggressive communication. Therefore, when looking for mobile app developers, make sure to choose developers that are dedicated to using Agile methodologies.


While it is impossible to find a perfect mobile app developer who has knowledge of everything and possess all qualities, but you can still keep in mind these 5 essential qualities everyone should look for when you want to hire mobile app developers. These qualities reflect that while the developer may not be perfect, but is, at least, committed to project completion, interested in learning new things, and always ready to face challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and feel free to shoot any query at me, anytime!