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How to Export MBOX Data from Thunderbird to Outlook PST?

How to Export MBOX Data from Thunderbird to Outlook PST?

Friday March 17, 2017,

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Get the most useful solution to export MBOX data from Thunderbird to Outlook PST format. It can be possible by converting MBOX to PST format which allows you to transfer your mailbox data into Outlook. There are several situations where user got trapped and looking for the perfect solution to move their MBOX data from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

As we know that MBOX is the most file format which is supported by fantastic email client Mozilla Thunderbird. It stores the complete information of the email client in MBOX file format. On the other hand, PST is also a file format of most popular email application i.e. Outlook. PST file contains entire data items of outlook and can be easily imported to Outlook by using the inbuilt feature of Outlook.

Why It is Needed to Convert MBOX to PST Format?

Usually, MBOX file is supported by Mozilla Thunderbird and PST is supported by MS Outlook. If any user wants to transfer their MBOX data of thunderbird to Outlook, then there is no inbuilt feature available in Thunderbird to export their data in PST format to open MBOX file in Outlook. Both email file formats are different and stored their data in different ways. So, there is no direct method is available to import MBOX file in Outlook to open Thunderbird email data. These complex situation forces user to convert MBOX to PST format and instantly transfer Thunderbird data to Outlook.

How Do I Open an MBOX File in Outlook?

Conversion of MBOX file to PST format is the best possible solution for users to open MBOX file in Outlook. It is the perfect solution for users to resolve the frequently asking query. MBOX to PST Converter makes all the task easier for users to move their Thunderbird data to Outlook in few seconds. It has simple interface which helps user to perform the conversion process without losing any single bit of data. This application does not require the installation of any email client to convert MBOX to PST format. User need to select MBOX file from the system and choose the location from the system to save the converted PST file. After clicking on Convert, it converts entire mailbox data into PST format without any data loss.

MBOX to PST Converter

MBOX to PST Converter

Benefits of Using Third Party Tool

If you choose the third party tool to convert MBOX to PST format, then it is a trustworthy solution for users which instantly export entire data of MBOX file into PST format. MBOX to PST converter consists of multiple useful features which easily perform the conversion process. Some of the useful features are described below: -

• Instantly export MBOX files and their data items into PST format without any loss.

• Preserves the email formatting and data integrity.

• User will get the same email structure of MBOX in PST format too.

• Save resultant PST file at desired file location in the system.

• Supports MBOX file of any MBOX supporting email client.

• It can smoothly install on Windows OS.

Is Manual Method Capable to Export MBOX Data to PST Format?

No, Manual method is not capable to export complete data of MBOX file into PST format. It is a time consuming process which may get you in trouble while performing the conversion process. So, it is always recommended to use the MBOX to PST converter to transfer the MBOX data into PST format.

For More Info: - https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/MBOX-to-PST-Converter-8e762aeb