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Self improvement advice on being a master in a specific area to become successful and stand out from the crowd.

In this post I want to give you an important self improvement advice, and that advice is that if you want to become successful in life you are going to have to have an area of focus (some call it your niche) you are going to have to become an expert in something and be known and recognized as a master in that area.

Self improvement advice on being a master in a specific area to become successful and stand out from the crowd.

Thursday July 13, 2017,

6 min Read

The journey of self improvement really is your journey to becoming the best you can be, to go from where you are to where you want to be, to achieve the life of your dreams and to make an impact and leave a lasting legacy, these objectives cannot be achieved if you live a mediocre life and that’s why this particular self improvement advice is so key. You have to be an expert at something because success in business or in your career will only come when you have mastered a certain area and become an expert or the “go to” person in that field.


The most successful people in life are those who are experts in their field and masters at what they do that’s why we call them “gurus” Your significance in life will be as a result of you being an expert in an area, that’s what will make you stand out from the crowd.

The people that have really made an impact in the world are people that have mastered their craft and that’s because you not only become wealthy when you master something, you also become an inspiration to the millions who admire you, who admire what you have achieved, who appreciate the work, effort, time and devotion it must have taken you to master your craft.

You know, it’s easy to live a mediocre life because it doesn’t take much effort to be average, I guess that’s why they call it average because its neither here nor there, nothing really special, just another one of many, but to become a master, to become an expert takes work, time, devotion, dedication, determination and most people are lazy and don’t want to pay the price for greatness, therefore they will remain average and they will have no major achievement they can really point to as a legacy they’ll leave long after they are dead.

If you think deeply, you will notice that every major achiever in life was or is a master and expert in something and that’s why they stood out and became successful.

Why does Michael Jackson stand out? Because he was a master in entertainment.

Why does Michael Jordan stand out? Because he was a master of the sport of basketball.

Why does Donald Trump stand out? Because he is a master in the area of business.

Why does John Gray stand out? Because he is a master in the area of relationships.

Why does Billy Graham stand out? Because he was a master at preaching the message of salvation.

Why does Les Brown stand out? Because he is a master in the area of personal development and motivation.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you see my point. You will disappear among the crowd and millions of average people until you make a decision to become a master at something, to put your focus into a specific area and pour all your energy into developing yourself to be the best in that area.

Take an inventory of your skills, your talents, your natural abilities, your hobbies and things you enjoy doing, your knowledge base, the things you enjoy studying, etc. Once you’ve made your list, pick one of them as the area you want to focus on for the next 12 months but make sure it’s something that you won’t need too much motivation to remain committed to it because if you have to force yourself to do it then it means it’s not a passion for you and the chances of you sticking to it will be very slim. For the next 12 months study all you can about that area, if it requires training then go for the training, let your whole life be about that one thing for the next 12 months, work on it for at least a couple of hours every day, read books about it, watch videos about it, read blogs about it, visit websites about it, meet people who are already doing it and network with them, commit fully to it for the next 12 months and I guarantee you that people will begin to take notice of you in that area within the next 12 months and you will be on your way towards becoming a master in that field.

You see, it’s easy to stand out in life when you do the uncommon and go the extra mile. When you do uncommon things, you will get uncommon results, when you do ordinary things you will get ordinary results. The reason most people never become successful is because they haven’t done the uncommon so they remain ordinary, they think success will just somehow come with little or no effort on their part, they leave it to fate and just hope and pray that someday they’ll be successful but they take no action towards it, they do what ordinary people do, spend hours watching TV, unproductive browsing of the internet, play video games and wonder why they are still where they are, struggling, managing, and just about getting by, they do the ordinary and expert the uncommon and then get angry at God when it doesn’t happen. Don’t get angry at God, he already gave you the potential, the skills, the ability, all you need is within you to make a success out of your life, to create a life that counts but it won’t happen until you work out your potential by going the extra mile and doing the uncommon so that you can achieve the uncommon.

If you want your life to really count, if you want to achieve something with your life that most people won’t then please take heed of this self improvement advice I’m sharing with you because it is the key to your significance, you will never stand out until you become a master at something and if you want to master something you have to focus all your energy and effort into that specific thing so that when they are listing the names of the experts in that field you will be among them.

When you think of computers, the name Bill gates pops into mind.

When you think of golf, the name Tiger Woods pops into mind.

When you think of investments and finance, the name Warren Buffet pops into mind.

When you think of motivational speakers, the name Tony Robbins pops into mind.

These are all guys that decided to master a specific gift, skill or ability they had and they have achieved success and significance as a result. My question to you is this: what will you be known for? Will you even be known for anything?