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Love Happens in Arranged Marriage…

Marriage goes with many feelings of dread and nerves. You doubt each seemingly insignificant detail like if the individual is ideal for me? , If it is the correct time for marriage? , Will the game plan keep going for long? Et cetera… it is superbly alright to feel that way.

Love Happens in Arranged Marriage…

Wednesday May 31, 2017,

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That girl is beautiful, intelligent and adventurous. A devoted daughter and a career-oriented woman, yet she settled for an arranged communion. Arranged Marriage! Really! Why? Is it the jibes of her agony aunts & prying neighbors or the emotional trauma of her aging parents? Or did they forcefully thrust her into this settlement? Although more than half of the marriages in India are based on the archetypal matchmaking phenomenon yet the people have weird notions about them.

Life is no fairy tale and not every story can end up like Mills & Boons romance, but the real life couples like grandma-grandpa, mom-dad, aunty-uncle, justifies that the arranged marriage can also be the model of an eternal relationship. Here is why arranged marriage breaks the popular stereotypes:

Old Concepts, Modern Practices

We have risen from the old times when the adolescent girl was suppressed and packed off with the marriage regalia amid the unknown faces with the stranger, she calls her husband. The arranged marriage scenario has taken a rather urbane turn now. The family, friends, and relatives complete the groundwork about the age, family background, career stability, temperament and compatibility of the potential Find your life partner bride and groom. And, then the boy and girl are given their period of courtship before they announce their final verdict.

Love Happens

Marriage accompanies many fears and anxieties. You question every little thing like if the person is right for me? , If it is the right time for marriage? , Will the arrangement last for long? And so on… it is perfectly okay to feel that way. This is human nature and not the crap for augmenting the love versus arranged debate. But, the paradox of life is the more you truly love a person, the more love you receive. When you choose to think beyond yourself, your dreams, hopes, pains and anguish, and outpour care and affection on your partner, eventually love happens, the life appears magical, and the bystanders start wondering ‘how that couple is in so much sync?’ and ‘how the passing years does not let the love pass away?’.

The Story of a Lifetime…

As there are so many things unsaid and unseen in the arranged marriage, the sparks are undying. Every day you wake up to a new revelation about the person you’re living with from years and they appear to you all the more mesmerizing. This person will give you frustrating days as well as the most beautiful ones; each day with them is going to be a new adventure. All that you need to do is take a plunge and go with the flow!

Marriage is not like shopping; if it doesn't make you happy, you can give it back and get a new one. It is the promise of living happily ever after with your one & only. It is about sticking to each other in every thick and thin. Every marriage, whether love or arrange, can be an everlasting one, if it’s not demeaning the two and if it’s nurtured with the gift of patience, sincerity, and affection.