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The best online website ripper software

The best online website ripper software

Tuesday June 26, 2018,

3 min Read


A website ripper software helps you download an entire or partial website to your hard drive, thereby making it easy for you to access it when you are offline. It means you can easily read the articles of your favorite site even when your WiFi is disconnected. The three essential structures (sequences, webs, and hierarchies) help decide how the information of your site should be organized or displayed.

Let us check out the list of the best website ripper software available online:

1. SurfOffline

SurfOffline is a fast and accurate ripper and an interactive offline browser. With this service, you can easily decide how many elements you want to download. One of the most distinctive features of SurfOffline is that you don't need to have the FTP on your site to download its content. Plus, you can easily download up to 200 files at a time.

2. Website eXtractor

It is an interactive and useful tool for anyone who wants to work offline. With Website eXtractor, you can easily download the entire or partial site for offline reading. It is best known for its user-friendly interface that helps you view the structure of a site with an offline and online sitemap. Website eXtractor is compatible with Windows 7 and other similar operating systems, and its trial version can be downloaded from the internet.

3. Grab-a-Site

Grab-a-Site tool presented by Blue Squirrel allows you to access the content of a website. It can easily copy one page or the entire site to your computer or mobile device, along with all supporting files such as videos, images and sound files. You can schedule the download during the off-peak hours and grabs files from different sites simultaneously. You can easily target websites written in ASP, Cold Fusion, JR and PHP with this service and can turn them into the static HTML.

4. HTTrack

HTTrack is widely known for its user-friendly control panel where you can decide on the number of connections to open concurrently while downloading different web pages. You can target huge directories, yellow pages, and white pages, or can update the content of an old website with this amazing service. HTTrack is a good alternative to and Kimono Labs that can accomplish multiple tasks at a time.

5. Darcy Ripper

Darcy Ripper is fully implemented in Java and compatible with all Java-enabled machines. You can scrape data from as many websites as you want, or can use Darcy Ripper to download the entire site to your hard drive.

6. Octoparse

It is one of the best and most powerful website ripper software on the net. With Octoparse, you can easily scrape more than 1,000 URLs at a time. This tool is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers and rips data from multilingual sites. It uses specific APIs to help you find hundreds of keywords with just a few clicks. Moreover, Octoparse can search all the videos available on YouTube and target them at once, making sure that you get quality data in a short time.