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Top 7 WordPress Theme Customization companies of USA in 2017

The top 7 WordPress theme customization services we have garnered for you. We have included them in the list because of their expertise and performance-oriented work.

Wednesday November 01, 2017,

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When WordPress came to the IT world in 2003, hardly did anyone would have imagined that it would go on to become the most popular and widely used Content Management Systems ever!

Initially launched for the purpose of blogging alone for the passionate bloggers out there ready to share their experiences and content with the readers, WordPress took a flight in 2005 that is no less than a fairytale. WordPress came out to be instantly successful among the blogger community as well as the web developers around the world.



WordPress offers free themes in its library as well as paid themes are available which can be customized to the core. Another fact is that WordPress powers 23% of the websites running over internet in the whole world, adding to its awesomeness.

WordPress theme customization became a trend that is nowhere near to slowing down, rather it’s gaining momentum day by day. With more and more number of companies mushrooming up in the IT world, WordPress theme customization services is among their primary services.

1. WordPrax Ltd.

WordPrax Ltd. is a US based company that primarily aims at the quality-driven solutions for WordPress from clients across the world. A WordPress theme customization company delivering WordPress websites that are visually attractive and functionally efficient. WordPress sits on #1 in the list.

50,000+ projects completed by more than 350+ developers is something to take pride in and WordPrax must be very positively egotistical about it.

2. Designs2HTML Ltd.

Designs2HTML - a custom WordPress theme customization company which has completed plethora of projects under the expert team of WordPress developers and designers.

A big list of esteemed 3500+ clients and 250+ developers working backstage to meet deadlines for the projects.

Their truly stunning portfolio is worth having a look at. If you are looking to get your website project handled by the professionals, Designs2HTML is your go to company.

3. OSSMedia

This New York based WordPress theme customization company has proved their prowess in the projects that are displayed amazingly in their portfolio. They have always been able to execute the projects at given deadlines. OSSMedia renders cost-effective and highly efficient WordPress solutions which are hard to find in any company’s services.

A plus point is that they offer 100% money-back guarantee to their customers.

4. Markupcloud

If you are looking for a WordPress theme customization company that has a fast turn around time then Markupcloud is certainly for your business. Get your out-and-out stunning website made by the professionals of WordPress at stipulated time periods.

Are you looking for a company that displays patience in listening to you along with seamless communication channels combined with unparalleled quality, contact Markupcloud now!

5. Creative Glance Technologies

Creative Glance Technologies, a California-based WordPress theme customization company promising to understand the client needs to the maximum. They have a proper development cycle and no doubt, they use advanced technologies to improve the IT scenario among the team members.

Facts are really important for proofs and unfortunately, we were not able to find any facts and figures related to their clients on their website except their client base list which they boast is from Eu, UK, USA, Australia and the likes.

6. PSDtoWP

This WordPress theme customization company promises to delivers 3 things which are namely:

1. International Coding standards.

2. Pretty quick turnaround time.

3. Support

Would you order without having a look at the portfolio? Tough decisions!!!

7. Pixel Perfect HTML

Pixel perfect html definitely promises great services in terms of healthy coding standards, on-time project delivery, WordPress theme customization services, expert developers etc.

Final Verdict:

So, these are the top 7 WordPress theme customization services  we have garnered for you. We have included them in the list because of their expertise and performance-oriented work.

A list worth looking at again:

1. WordPrax

2. Designs2HTML

3. OSSMedia

4. Markupcloud

5. Creative Glance Technologies

6. PSD to WP

7. Pixel Perfect HTML