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Hot Tips on How to Avoid Risks When Buying Used Semi Trucks for Sale

Hot Tips on How to Avoid Risks When Buying Used Semi Trucks for Sale

Friday November 24, 2017,

5 min Read

Whether you wish to buy trucks to expand your fleet for personal use or commercial purposes, searching for used semi truck for sale can be a worth-it-all cost-saving option for you. If you buy a well-maintained used truck, you should know it can still have hundreds, thousands and many years of miles left on it, at the same time costing quite less than any other new model.

Sure, not all the semi trucks available for sale in the market will be as good as new, but like most purchases for used items, you have to inspect the truck thoroughly for any warning signs. This can help to reduce the chances of you running into a wrong buy. Here are some important tips you can follow to avoid risks when buying used semi trucks for sale.


The Vehicles Papers

You should avoid buying a used vehicle without carrying out a thorough search of its records such as traffic and accident history. This will not only help you to avoid buying a used truck with an iffy past, but it will also allow you to avoid any chance of inadvertently buying some kind of a stolen vehicle.

It Should Be Rust Free

You should be on the lookout for factors, such as rust on every corner of the body of the truck and under the hood. Rust not only means that you will be in for some extra cost of maintenance, bodywork, and paint, but it is also a strong indicator that the previous owner was not taking proper care of it.

The Tire Condition

The tires of a truck say a lot about how the previous owners were using it in general. If they appear worn out, it means you will have to replace them eventually. Should you buy branded tires? If the tired receive proper treatment, this is a good indicator that the rest of the truck, including other parts, will be in the right condition.

Lights of the Used Truck

You should make sure that you start up the truck, scan it thoroughly and verify that every area of the truck is in good condition, visually. You should also check the lights to be sure they are working properly. If they aren’t, this is a good indicator of other electrical problems, which could develop into worse ones in the future. In the end, you can also end up with a truck, which is not up to the right legal standards.

Window Seals and Doors

Before buying a semi truck, you have to make sure that the windows seals and doors are in the best shape, always. Having poor, seals can reduce the aerodynamic optimization of the truck and lead to other higher costs on the road as well as interfere with the temperature of your cabin.

The Mileage

A truck will need a major overhaul when it touches around 750,000 miles, in order to keep it running for different heavy-duty work. Sometime, you may get a better deal on “fixer-upper,” but you have to be aware of the mileage is at high levels. Before you seal the deal, make sure that you first consult with experts in order to make a safe and reliable purchase.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Used Semi Trucks

When you finally decide to buy used semi trucks for sale, make sure that you avoid these five things:

• Ignoring Used Trucks

Most people tend to rely on new trucks and simply ignore other options. However, in most cases, you need to know that a used truck is a much better investment compared to other models. If you choose from top truck manufacturers such as Moffett, you should know they have a fine built, to last for many years and they can easily rack up thousands of miles on roads before they need any major work.

• Not Getting the Vehicle History Before Buying

Before you buy a used truck, you have to take your time and investigate the history of the truck. You should contact local DPS/DMV directly and if necessary, with its VIN. If you end up choosing a truck that was once in a bad incident, this means it will never get back to 100% again. Probably, you will need to spend much more on the complete overhaul of the body.

• Buying Bigger Than You Need

You should always consider the usage scenarios before you dive into the available semi trucks that are for sale. Know that bigger is not always the better option, in particular when you consider that overpowered or large trucks will have a worse gas mileage. You have to limit the purchase options and carefully make the purchase accordingly.

When searching for trucks to buy, it is always a good idea that you consult an expert, in particular, if you are thinking about buying a used truck. If you can afford to buy a semi truck, then surely you can also afford to sometime to ensure it is a worthwhile purchase!