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Top 5 mobile app development companies in California

Tuesday August 08, 2017,

3 min Read

Mobile Ecosystem has been doing great during the past decade. One can find a mobile app for everything one can imagine. Today every small, medium or big company are forced to have a mobile strategy as well or else they will out of the market within next decade.

Now a day's mobile compatible website has become a compulsion for every website owner. Today many companies have their dedicated mobile apps but few are still struggling whether to have their own mobile app or not.

I am an IT consultant with more than a decade of experience. I have come across many companies during his tenure and would love to share my insights regarding the same. This list is still under process will be refined from time to time.

1. Appclues Infotech

Appclues Infotech is one of the most prominent companies across the California. They have made many Mobile Application targeting various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. They build an amazing mobile experience which is stunning and wow-some. Their main goal is to ideate, design, develop and deliver solutions which exactly matches client's vision. What we do is a true reflection of our work which helps our clients to succeed in their goals.

Key Expertise: Android App Development, iOS App Development, Windows Phone Development, Cross Platform Development, UI/UX Design, IOT Development, Mobile app marketing


2. Wve Labs

It's a company which provides an end-to-end solution including ideation, development and marketing. The team at Wve is young and dynamic which abundance of experience in working with all type of project types and sizes. They are really proud of their speed, affordability and communication. Developers at Wve are extremely efficient in their respective forte and their global presence allows them to work quickly and effectively with their clients.

Key Expertise:  Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, iOS App Development, UI / UX Design, IoT Development, Windows Phone App Development.


3. Cleveroad

They know that in order to succeed, you have to be more than just a development company. They not only have a team of experienced personnel but also have a proven track record. Their team has specialization in market research, prototyping, design, development etc. They take your vision to next level and guide you through every important step.

Kep Expertise:  Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development, UI / UX Design, IoT Development, iPhone App Development, Windows Phone App Development, Website Development.


4. Citrusbits

Great team means people who are passionate about their work. Citrusbits brings out the most experienced skills to help their clients to achieve great success in their vision. Through various brainstorming sessions, they have mapped out all possible hiccups. If you stay with them they will ride you through smooth road ahead eliminating all obstacles present on the road.

key Expertise:  UI / UX Design, IoT Development, iPhone App Development, Windows Phone App Development, Website Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development.


5. Phd Labs

It provides mobile application development, web development, back end development and UI/UX design to their clients. They are expert in quick turnarounds for prototypes, web servers and platforms. Generally, they make sure their products go through various brainstorming sessions. In this process, they move quickly from alpha to beta to full blown tested solution which matches client's vision.

Key Expertise: UI / UX Design, iPhone App Development, Windows Phone App Development, Website Development, Android App Development, Cross-Platform App Development,