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7 OTT App Builders That Will Help You Build an OTT Video Application!

Everything You Need to Know About OTT Platform Development

7 OTT App Builders That Will Help You Build an OTT Video Application!

Tuesday January 22, 2019,

4 min Read

OTT App Builders List

Here I've picked the top 7 OTT app development companies available in the market today that allow anyone to build a OTT streaming platform effortlessly.

Over-the-top no more defines OTT services. Online TV subscriptions have become the norm, with over 209.5 million OTT users by 2021. This number rings an even bigger bell when we dive further into statistics and see how rapid the growth graph for OTT is, pushing all other mediums of video consumption to its back. The future is over-the-top, and we are moving towards it.

With the humongous demand, comes an even greater market to fend to the needs of the consumption. You probably are reading this article as you are looking into the possibilities of building your own OTT video service. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top companies that build the best customizable OTT platforms.

1. Vplayed - Digital OTT Experience Platform

Vplayed OTT Platform

Vplayed is a customizable OTT solution that has been in the field of building innovative platforms for the last four years. Their comprehensive HLS player with multi-bitrate transcoding technology aides in creating successful OTT platforms. Create your own OTT platform that does not buffer at any bandwidth the end-user is streaming from with Vplayed.

Highlight Features:

  • OTT Branded Apps
  • Multiple Monetization Models
  • Whitelabel Platform
  • HLS Video Player
  • Advanced Content Delivery Network
  • Cloud Transcoding
  • DRM & Security

2. Contus Vplay - End-to-End OTT Video Solution

Contus Vplay OTT Solution

Contus Vplay is a veteran when it comes to providing customizable solutions. Their varied range of customizable video solutions has the best content management strategies to engine high traffic streaming, be it live, on-demand, or OTT streaming. With a history of working with big-league broadcaster and operators, television channels, enterprises, and brands; Contus Vplay tops the list as an alive and kicking solution.

Highlight Features:

  • Multiple Revenue Models
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Per-title Encoding
  • Inbuilt Video Content Management System
  • Video Marketing
  • Analytics & Reports

3. Uscreen - OTT Apps for TV and Mobile Devices

Uscreen OTT Platform

Connect to TV and mobile devices through your platform in a single click with Uscreen. Exclusively established to create independent OTT apps and websites, Uscreen delivers what they promise. The branding strategy they provide is highly commendable, given that they give individual focus to create intricate detailing, along with app icon, logo, brand colors, app name, and description, and we the rest of the work for apps in play store.

Highlight Features:

  • Branding Freedom
  • OTT In-app purchases
  • Live Streaming
  • Data Protection
  • Offline Viewing
  • Learning Tools

4. Zype - Video Platform for OTT Distribution

Zype OTT Distribution

Primarily a cloud service, Zype provides solutions to build OTT apps that work on all major smart TV networks such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV & Apple TV. They generally tend to cover everything from audience management, streaming, and monetization with their flexible software that can be integrated into any web or apps.

Highlight Features:

  • VideoMeta™ CMS
  • App Distribution
  • Monetization
  • Marketplace Connect
  • Analytics
  • Embeddable Player

5. Powr - OTT Video App Experiences

Unreel Powr

Powr provides the most attractive options when it comes to delivering insightful analytics. Though it is a common feature to provide with dashboard analytics, Powr uses self patented AI indexes that run on big data to provide moment-based engagement that collects information from both on-site and other integrated major social media forums the user have given access to.

Highlight Features:

  • Central CMS
  • Discovery
  • Shared Data
  • Built-In Monetization
  • Video AI

6. Dalet + Ooyala - OTT & Multi-platform Distribution

Dalet Ooyala

Ooyala Flex Media Platform, a solution of Ooyala, is a OTT providing solution. This solution gives clear-cut options to process and distribute content on over-the-top TV in clarified media asset management that curates content and offers the creation of playlist rails. In addition, they also promise to deliver customizable platforms that stream videos on lightning speed.

Highlight Features:

  • Flexible and configurable workflow
  • End-to-end asset
  • Metadata management 
  • Powerful operational insights
  • Built-in API infrastructure

7. Lightcast - Building OTT Apps and Media Websites

Lightcast OTT Development

Lightcast provides custom branded OTT platforms with bitrate adaptive content delivery network. They also provide proprietary OTT and mobile app templates at a monthly lease fee package. The solution promises instant transcoding on-cloud, and optimization of data to be streamed on all platforms.

Highlight Features:

  • Beautiful Native TV Apps
  • Series in Real-Time
  • Control Graphics
  • Metadata & Branding
  • Customize and Expand Continuously

Summing it up:

Whether you are aiming to become the next Netflix, or just planning to target a closed group of members with your content, creating your own OTT platform is a promisable strategy to go on to stream your content. Now that you have access to solutions that build OTT video platform, create a brand of your own and start your journey of engaging masses online with your captivating content.