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7 Practical Tips for Developing an Inclusive Marketing Strategy for Taxi Businesses

7 Practical Tips for Developing an Inclusive Marketing Strategy for Taxi Businesses

Monday February 11, 2019,

5 min Read

As an owner of a taxi business, you might have faced the challenge of effectively marketing your taxi service. Without a comprehensive taxi company marketing plan, you cannot think of beating other players in a competitive business ecosystem. In this blog, we are outlining a few taxi marketing ideas and tips that will help you strengthen your online as well as offline marketing strategy.

Strengthening your Offline Taxi Marketing Strategy

Before you dig deeper into the digital world, it is essential for you to have a substantial offline presence. While you can run a large-scale offline taxi marketing campaign if you have funds, we give you some interesting ways to market your business, without spending a fortune.

1.      Create & Distribute Appealing Marketing Collaterals

If you want people to know about you, you ought to inform them that you are present in this world. While expecting customers to directly walk-in to your office is an optimistic thought you might want to cling on, getting some leaflets printed might be an excellent start to your marketing activities. Here are some of the ways you can gain traction through flyers and marketing materials:

o  Talk to local bar owners and restaurants: Ask them to allow you to place marketing material inside their premises. This way, you will be visible to customers, who need your service the most. (Drunk individuals are always in need of drivers after an enjoyable evening)

o  Create a marketing material as a freebie: For example, you can create beer mats that can be placed on bar counters. Potential customers will surely have a look, and you might land up with bookings every night.

o  Hire students for distribution: Get in touch with local student bodies and ask them to distribute your marketing material in free time in return for remuneration.

o  Discounted-ride Promising Flyers: Add discount codes in your flyers for prompting customers to try out your services. You can leave such flyers in public places. Make sure to include contact information.

2.      Get in Touch with Print Media for Advertisements

Advertising in local newspapers and magazines can be a great idea to boost your reach. Research about your target audience, newspaper circulation statistics in your region and start a taxi marketing and advertising campaign in print media, accordingly.

3.      Run Radio Advertisement Campaigns with Memorable Taxi Marketing Slogans

Local radio stations love to market businesses in a specific region. As thousands of people listen to the radio at a time, you can create memorable slogans and jingles to promote your brand. If your motto, jingle or radio advertisement is remarkable, people will look forward to trying out your services.

Useful Taxi Marketing Ideas for Online Channels

If you are looking to promote your business online, you need to have a robust digital marketing strategy, too. Though the basics of marketing will not change, you would need to experiment with the mediums to find out what works best for your business. Here are some of the ways you can effectively spearhead marketing of a taxi service, online:

4.      Develop a PPC Advertising Plan

If you aren’t new to the digital marketing scene, you must have heard about the fantastic world of pay-per-click advertising. While developing a PPC marketing campaign for a taxi business make sure to:

o  Hire an experienced PPC marketer who has an idea about how to attract traffic and generate leads

o  Get a dedicated landing page designed for all your advertising efforts

o  Ask for detailed insights into the performance of campaign on a regular basis

5.      Be Active on Social Media & Run Facebook Ads

In a world of social media, you cannot be passive and expect to gain new customers. If you don’t have a social media presence, already start by creating social media handles of your business. Make sure to be consistent in posting interesting posts to attract your target customers.

o  Leverage the potential of targeted advertising with Facebook Ads platform

o  Create highly-targeted audiences by sorting them on the basis of age, education, and interest before starting your social media advt. campaign

o  Create and post relevant, informative and engaging content such as videos on social media

6.      Design a Referral Program

If you want to grow organically in a short while, you should create a referral program. Ask your existing customers to refer your service to friends and family instead of cab credits. If you have an app already, include this feature and sort out your customer acquisition woes.

7.      Partner with Deal Websites & Cab Aggregators

While you might be happy to work all by yourself, collaborating with deals and aggregator platforms can work wonders. Float deals in association with deal websites offering coupons and discounts. You can also think of signing up as a service provider on a cab aggregation platform. They give you access to a growing client base for just a small commission.

Now that you are ready with a few strategies, why don’t you try marketing your taxi company, effectively? Moreover, if you don’t want to get into marketing deeply, give Beep a shot. We are one of the fastest growing platforms for taxi businesses and give them all the support to grow their operations and acquire new customers, quickly.