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Why Do I Want To Develop An Entrepreneurial Atmosphere In Rural Areas?

Why Do I Want To Develop An Entrepreneurial Atmosphere In Rural Areas?

Friday March 15, 2019,

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I started my career in the field of Education, entering toward the world of Entrepreneurship with hope to brings a positive change in society and finally reached on the concept of Startups. These three things are very different from each other. For Example,

Educations is the necessity of the society but it’s too costlier for the common man, While Entrepreneurship is a way to achieve skills and financial stability in the world and Finally Startups is the Innovation which leads the country or locality at a new height.”

If I Simply tell you that If you have the money and financial Stability then you will get the education and start your Startups, What’s does education means Degree, College Degree! But, If You want to get knowledge then it doesn’t need money and financial stability, it will directly come from the field of Entrepreneurship. So, You need an Entrepreneurial atmosphere in your region for this. That’s why I am working toward it and trying to develop it in local regions.

For Example, I have a lot of Skills such as Marketing, Selling, Carpentry, Photography, Painting, Programming, and Farming too. Although I never went to colleges to learn these things, I simply learn these things from the markets even from my ancestor by earning experience through doing these works. And, All these works exists due to entrepreneurial atmosphere.Because, they want to earn for their living.

Maturity comes from the fieldwork, not from big universities nor any certain class. I believe that once you are able to raise questions then you are going to be matured especially in the Startup Eco-System and Industry. If you came here to start your venture then you must need to fix your Sustainability first for at least two years beside your venture. After that, You need to focus on market research, execution, and penetration rate. Trust on yourself to build your venture rather than Government & Incubation. I believe in making Impact rather than buzzing about my venture in society.

As per my knowledge, Bihar has 31 Universities but you don’t believe that none of these universities has a single incubation center nor any Entrepreneurship Cell, even they don’t have any proper training and placement cell. It’s true that few universities had made training and placement cell and Student activity center on the official document, but they are not functional on the ground.

I have personally visited each university in the last two years and realize that student wants to change these things and demanded to upgrade the system, but Universities authority, Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor and Professor in these universities didn’t want to take the risk, as a result, there is no growth rate. I have done approx. 650+ Meetings in Patna University in last one year for developing entrepreneurship cell and Incubation Centre. Similarly in other colleges and universities in Bihar.

Now, In the month of January 2019, finally, Patna University decided to establish the Incubation Centre with the name of Patna University Incubation Hub proposed by me. If it will be on the ground then Patna University Incubation Hub (PUI Hub) will be first Incubation center in any Universities of Bihar. Similarly, I proposed these things in the International School of ManagementISM Patna and very soon it will be coming.

I am just trying to establish Entrepreneurship Cell and Incubation Centre in local colleges of Rural Areas.