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7 Steps to Select the Perfect Domain Name

7 Steps to Select the Perfect Domain Name

Tuesday December 18, 2018,

5 min Read

There are already over 300 million domain names in use out there!  

It won't be an easy task to find one that suits your company. Just like you would invest thoughts into acquiring a company name, you need to equally consider your domain name.  

The good news is that even though it is difficult to put together characters for a name, the task is not impossible.  

Here are steps you can use to find your perfect domain name: 

Employ Keywords

The feature that makes a domain name great is when one can predict what kind of content to find on that site. Using keywords will help identify what your business does. For instance, if you are in the books industry, you can research and find out that there is a need for books for children. A shrewd business person will come up with a domain like childrenbooks.com.

You can as well utilize your name for a portfolio website. Even though it is not giving a clue about what you sell, it is acceptable for the purpose of self-branding.

Keep it Short and Simple

You will realize sites that are popular tend to have names with few characters (6 or less). Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter are just a few examples. It would be difficult to forget or mistype the word ‘Google’ and that is the essence of it.

Ensure you pick an easy to remember one, and type the domain name. Highlight your keywords somewhere and choose one that is concise or combine various characters to make an easy name.

Look if Social Media Has it

Before you pay for the domain, find out if social media has it — especially on the types you want to use alongside your website. Go to social media, key in your prospective domain name and see if it is already in use. If it is, then tweak it as many times as possible until you reach one that is acceptable for your business, and is not in use anywhere else.

It is important to have several names for your website's domain so that when you find one already in use on social media, you can take another and proceed with developing your site.

Don't Use Hyphens and Numbers

Numbers and symbols confuse. Let's say someone is listening to the mention of your domain to be dashfive.com. There are several probable domains they can imagine like -5.com, -five.com, and dash5.com. The listening person will not know if you are using numbers or you are spelling out the numbers.

If you must utilize numbers and hyphens in your domain, purchase all the possible domains so you are sure your audience is finding you.

Research the Domain

The key to having a domain is ensuring it is unique. Before purchasing a domain name, ensure you do some homework to find out if someone else is using it, copyrighted or trademarked it.

Taking another company's name and using it as yours could result in a legal battle that might cost your investments and even lose it in the future. Reseller companies usually have an analysis of extensive data to find out the value of each name and so reach out to them and find one that is already researched.

Apply a Domain Extension that is Relevant

An extension is a suffix at the end of your website’s address. Examples include .com and .net among others. You should choose an extension that will add meaning to your business. So far, the .com extension is the most used and memorable of all domain extensions.

There are other domain extensions that you can choose to enhance the meaning of your domain name just like in the case of keyword uses. If you are a photographer, you could use pictures.photography. If you are in business, use .biz. Writing a personal blog? There is also a .me domain extension.

Focus on Your Area

If the target audience is in your locale, then target the place by including the town's name in the domain name. You can also use the name of the city, country, and even continent depending on who you want to buy your products.

For instance CairoTourism.com or DCDishes.com — look around for domain names that people in your location will find it easy to remember.

Choosing the ideal domain for your business is a tough course. However, it is also an essential part of ensuring starting your online business. If you make a mistake and select a lousy name, then there is a chance of hampering your growth as a company. Therefore, think about it hard and smart enough to end up with the correct choice.

Once you find a suitable option, stick to it and act fast. Delaying could take away the opportunity of having the name because they sell fast. You should also start working on the design of your site, and content right away to get your business off the ground.

Author Bio:

Keith Ortiz is a professional blogger & digital marketing strategist with 5+ years of experience in the industry. He is currently associated with Candid Host, one of the leading web hosting service providers in India.