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Traveling to India? - 7 Things to keep in mind for India First Timers

Traveling to India? - 7 Things to keep in mind for India First Timers

Friday June 21, 2019,

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India is one of the favorite travel destinations for many travelers due to its scenic beauty along with thousands of unique cultures existing in harmony. It is a country that has a lot to offer to its valiant travelers.

Tips For India First

Let us keep all the worries and anxieties aside and look at the bright side of travelling alone.

What makes India so different and special as a travel destination?

• India is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. It has people of many religions, cast, creed and sects.

• A country where we find sophistication and urbanization along with traditional ethics being followed by the people.

• Religions like Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Jains account for a significant proportion of the total population.

• India’s physical prosperity is increasing along with the cultural dynamism, instead of economic inequalities and day to day domestic challenges.

• The snow laden Himalayas of the North, the arid and dry deserts of the West, the lush green forests of the Northeast to the backwaters of South, a traveler can find peace wherever he/she heads to.

• Every part of India has its unique identity and that attract travelers from all over the world. Tips for first-time travelers to India

Planning the travel route

A traveler must decide his/ her specific interest after analyzing his/her personal likings and preferences and then finalize the travel destination within the country.

It is a place to travel and learn a lot of new things that you can imbibe if you are a true and zealous learner.

In India Goa is liked for its number of beaches, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh for Lions and Tigers, Kashmir for its beautiful snow-capped mountain ranges and lakes, Himachal Pradesh for trekking.

Varanasi for it religious fervor; Nainital, Darjeeling, Mussoorie, Ooty, Coorg, Munnar for scenic beauty and natural lakes.

Rishikesh for Yoga and serenity and Puducherry and Kerala for peace of mind, meditation and relaxation.

Keeping cool and calm

It is always suggested to an India first timer is to stay cool and do not panic in case of any bad situation.

It is wise to avoid a heated exchange of words and create an unpleasant situation for yourself.

A first time India visitor is expected to stay cool and calm.

Use your presence of mind to move away from any disturbing place to keep yourself safe and good.

Do not trust any person randomly. Do not get irritated easily.

A visitor should remain firm and must not let anybody know that it is his or her first-time visit to India.

Stay hygienic and eat healthily

A traveler must eat good in order to travel hassle free in India.

Due to pollution, it is preferable that one avoids drinking tap water or eats anything washed in it as that may have been contaminated.

A traveler is suggested to eat fresh fruits and foods that are either boiled or fried rather than eating a previously peeled salad or any cooked flesh.

Using restrooms is a big concern for foreign tourists in India.

It is suggested to carry your own soaps and to wash and clean your hand after using the toilets.

Toilets cannot be so hazardous but if one falls sick it may hamper your trip and further plans to travel around.

Avoid crowded places and get ready to face pollution

India is a country facing challenges like air and sound pollution.

So a first-time traveler is suggested to be prepared to face loud noise in almost all the cities and suburban tourist spots.

In spite of being such an overpopulated nation, India has many places where you find peace and solace.

The true essence of India can be felt in the small villages which still have the real Indian lifestyle alive in them.

You must avoid the crowds and head towards the backwaters of Kerala, serene places like Puducherry to meditate and find peace of mind and enjoy the hospitality of urban India.

A visit to the mountainous regions present in India, such as Ladakh, Pithoragarh or Mc Cleodganj.

visiting many of the Hill stations of India will help you stay away from the sprawling overpopulated city crowd and resting yourself in a serene atmosphere.

Try to have patience while visiting places

A traveler must give enough time to a particular place to have a better understanding of the tourist spot.

First-time travelers must not overcrowd a place while visiting India.

The tourist must try to interact and build a good relationship with the local residents in order to have a good knowledge of that area.

India first time visitor must understand that it is unwise to try too much in a short period of time.

India is a vast country with vibrant colors and an addictive lifestyle to attract visitors but one must understand it is useless to be too ambitious in covering maximum area right at one go.

Stop being cheated

A traveler should be intelligent and smart enough to avoid foul and get cheated.

He /she must visit places but be careful to spend the right amount of money in the right place.

It is always suggested to purchase things from Government funded shops, NGOs and organisations.

In order to avoid card cloning scam, a traveler must know where to pay in cash and be safe.

Do not trust any stranger and pay money.

Stay safe and dress up properly

It is suggested to a first time visitor to dress up properly once they are in India.

A traveler has to be smart enough to avoid dark spaces and alleys to avoid subtle dangers while in India.

Carrying a huge amount of cash is not a good idea for a traveler.

It is unsafe to carry expensive things when you travel throughout India.

Pickpocketing remains a big problem for Indians as well as visitors.

Compared to other nations, India has a modest culture and a conservative outlook.

It is a good gesture to remove your shoes before entering anybody’s house.

If you happen to visit a holy place like a temple, a traveler is expected to remove his/her shoes in order to show respect to God.

It is good to ask the locals about the rituals they follow if you are unsure of any custom and want to learn from them.

India is a country with a unique blend of nature and modern development happening at a fast pace while still holding to its distinctive culture, heritage and traditions.

It is a tourist’s paradise as India offers peace to a tired soul along with all the modern amnesties which have become one’s necessity for living.

Thus, it is one of the favorite travel destinations for tourists.